10 Must See Stops of Cappadocia

The unique geography of Cappadocia was delicately carved into the soft volcanic stones that vomited from Erciyes, Hasan Mountain and Gullu Mountain year in and year out with wind and rain. Cappadocia is one the most charming and mysteries place of the world with the one of a kind houses carved into the rocks, churches, underground cities, colorful balloons, famous dishes and glorious sunset. The name Cappadocia means “land of the beautiful horses” in Persian. This region resembles any other place you have ever seen, it expands through Middle Anatolia. It is too much beautiful to worn out in a one day tour, you should make time to experience the atmosphere and explore the mystery. The region is kind of an Anatolian history museum with monuments from Hittite to Ottoman.

10 Must-See Places of Cappadocia

Cappadocia is a wide region. Spending only couple days here is like rushing out of an all-day feast. The essence of the region can be felt every corner. If you don’t have too much time for a detailed trip, you can visit several times and spend quality time in every corner.

Where to Go


  1. Goreme

In Goreme, Gulludere Valley is the best trekking route that you can observe fairy chimneys from best view. Also, during your walk you will have chance to visit vineyards, churches and monasteries from different era and fruit gardens. You can also draw a route on Love Valley, which ends on Goreme-Avanos highway. If the weather conditions are good, you can observe this valley on balloon tours. Sunset Point is one of the best point to watch sunset, the silhouettes of fairy chimneys look amazing.

You also should see El-Nazar Church, from 10th century, in which there are drawings depicting Christian miracles and Jesus’s life.


  1. Uchisar

Uchisar is an old castle built on the highest hill of Cappadocia and thus has the best panoramic view of the regions. The castle erects to 100 meters high, has multiple rooms, shelter, storage areas and cistern which all connected to each other with secret tunnels, halls and stairs.


  1. Avanos

At the east side of the Nevsehir, Avanos built on both sides of the Kizilirmak and crafts like carpets and pottery are developed in this ancient city. Also it is one of the busy touristic venues of the region with underground cities, churches and traditional crafts.


  1. Urgup

Urgup was one of the most important religious centers in Byzantium Era, a center for bishop, and was an important gate to Middle Anatolia in Seljuk’s and a justice office in Ottoman Empire. The city center is crowded, colorful and fun. There are historical monuments and graveyards. You can see Mount Erciyes from the hills, make time to climb.


  1.  Zelve

Zelve is the region where you can experience Cappadocia intense with sharp edged fairy chimneys. The region is consisted of three big valleys and was a religious center in 9th and 13th centuries. The venues at the valley were built before iconoclastic era, and were turned into bird houses by Muslim residents later. You will see monastery, chapel and churches as well as secular buildings like mill.



  1. Mustafapasha

This lovely little town should be on your must-see list thanks to its unique local stone work and buildings. There are almost 30 churches at the town and more mansions. From Seljuk’s and Ottomans we have inherited equally beautiful mosques and inns.


  1. Ibrahimpasha

Ibrahim Pasha being a rich Ottoman governor and groom of the palace, he rendered prosperous monuments in his home town which was the foundation of the city Nevsehir. You should see social complex, Kursunlu mosque and Turkish bath in the village.


  1. Ihlara Valley

The valley is the most precious venue of the region lays both sides of the Melendiz Brook. The first residents of the valley had settled here in 4th century. The unique historical monuments of the valley are frescos of the churches that carved into volcanic rocks. They have been preserved in perfect condition surprisingly.

  1. Underground Cities

The rooms that carved into hillsides or inside of fairy chimneys have been home to people of the area for centuries. The volcanic activity of the region easily allows people to make rooms inside them and most of the rooms were connected to each other with underground passages. Some of the cities are dated back in 3000 B.C and thought to be built by Hittite civilization and expanded during Rome and Byzantium era. Kaymakli underground city is famous for its sepulcher from early Rome.  You can also visit Seljuk Inns in the region.




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