10 Rules of Simplicity 

Dear reader; time to set rules for happy tomorrows is about to pass!

Leonardo Da Vinci once said; “Simplicity is the summit of sophistication”

  1. Spring-Clean Your Heart

Take every excess out of your life; jewelry, hair pin, clothes, shoes, hangers…

Make room… During the clean up, the important thing is what you see as excess. Don’t think of it just as ware, don’t let anyone who upsets you and lowers your energy to take place in your soul. Clean your soul and heart, air the rooms, shake off the dusts…

  1. Tidy Up’

Tidying up yourself and your stuff will make them look simple and less…


  1. Use the Time Well

If you try to keep a pace of your work and follow a routine you won’t feel like done nothing at the end of the day. This way, you’ll feel as you have the control of the time.


  1. Learn

Having information about something makes thing easier. You’ll afraid of what you don’t know. You know the signboards we encounter in the life road; learning or trying to estimate them will carry you to the future. If you just stand still and wait, when days come and you need to maneuver, you find yourself fluttering while asking for help. Ability to read signs gives you advantage of knowing where to wheel already.


  1. Accept the Differences

Everything in our life co-exists as double poles. Don’t hesitate to meet both sides.


  1. Evaluate Shape-Ground Relationship Together

It may not be possible to see what is at the center. A feature we are planning to cut out of life might be an obligatory thing when you think it with its ground.

The point is learning to see the meronymy. If you like strategy games like chess or Sudoku it is easier to understand what I mean.


  1. Prompt Your Feelings

-If you are a teacher love your students

-If you are a doctor, love to protect public health

-If you are a designer love the harmony of colors and patterns

-If you are an engineer, love the technology or the benefit you are bringing to the humanity.

For example, we have seen the enthusiasm of Elon Musk while launching a rocket to the space. The secret of his success is that passion.

Long story short; have your feeling involved.

  1. Trust

Trusting people bring more collaborations and healthy division of work. If you can share your bearing more solid steps will come and you can walk without worrying.

  1. Know Where to Stop

Be aware of your limits and the boundaries, what belongs to you is just your life. Remember, every event you interfered would only increase your burden and responsibility. Besides know what you are capable of. Don’t get out of your depths.

No, I don’t like it.

No, I don’t love that.

Not now, may be later…

No, this is not my style.

No, I can’t do that.

You always have these options, keep in mind!

  1. Add to Simplify  

We sometimes need various objects to complete a thing. Managing these objects or tools might be hard.

However, adding multi functional object that can deal with various things would simplify your life. Or, if you can add a tool synchronize all other things as a employee that would be kind of art. Managing home, kids, work and yourself… Being peace ambassador between spouse and mother in law is like mixing cake while the soup is boiling…

Just as Leonardo Da Vinci said, to simplify our life, work or relationships is the summit of sophistication.

Dear reader, I wish you to order the chaos…

Safak Yildizhan


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