5 Things You Can Do For Syria Right Now

Emine Merve Turgut

We are all aware of humanity crises in Syria. Since the civil war started in 2011 after anti-Essad protests and military disengagement we have witnessed refugee tragedies. The numbers alone saying brutal facts; it is estimated that over 250 thousand people died, 11 thousand of them were children, 11 million Syrians fled their homes, 13 million needed medical assistance in the country. Experts claim that half of the refugees are children and unfortunately most of them traveled alone. There are refugee camps all over the world, most of the families don’t have home, babies were born in tents and children can’t attend any educational institution. On the top of all, chemical weapons are being used now, the cities becoming open air cemetery.

As much as the facts are depressing we shouldn’t let darkness enter our hearts. We believe every single individual is capable of doing something. To bandage the wounds of our sisters and brothers of Syria, we must act! Here are 5 substantial things to do for Syria.

  1. Pray

Never underestimate the power of pray. It is the direct connection with creator of universe through our minds. Our prophet Muhammed says: “prays are weapon of Muslims, foundation of religion, heavenly light of earth and sky.” Thus, our sincere wishes for those suffering have a response in the presence of Allah. Pray for orphaned children of Syria, mothers who had to bury their children and struggling fathers and generations almost demolished. You may organize Kur’an reading chain with friends and family as well as you may daily pray for them.

  1. Donate

There are various global or local organizations to maintain aid for Syria. Among them organizations provides urgent medical help or humanitarian supplies are remarkable. In Syria most cities are under crossfire and siege. Thus, begin with basic need likes food and hygiene product, almost everything is thimbleful. You may donate directly money or for some organizations you may donate goods directly.

  1. Make Public Awareness

All kind of social media is a useful tool for citizens and gives us opportunity to make ourselves heard by government. Remember most of the member of cabinet and political party uses social media effectively. We also know in a lot of cases social media has changed the perception of community, as Aylan Kurdi incident. Images make deep impression of people’s minds and that leads changing government policies against refugees or war in Syria. Even opposing racist expressions will make their life much easier. Participate hashtags and follow news about Syria, educate yourself on the matter.

  1. Locally volunteer

Almost 5 million Syrians applied Asylum in Europe and States; most of them are in refugee camps or living in bad conditions. More of the aid organizations are in need of manpower in order to do simple jobs, like packaging products or transportation. Also, refugee children are a growing issue; they are targeted for terrorist groups, extremist cults or crime organizations. Additionally almost uneducated generation is growing in the streets of metropolises. A Google search will lead you to local centers, you may teach native language, basic math or simple mentor kids. Moreover, woman are more vulnerable than ever, and need help about legal assistance, shelter, and womanly goods, if you can not do these, you may help them to earn merits to maintain their lives.

  1. Grab on to hope.

Never lose hope. Desperation will freeze you up, despite people of Syria needs us, every bit of aid makes their life easier. The conditions they are forced to live in are mostly inhumane, but God orders us to act against cruelty. Rise up, trust yourself and hold on to Muslim brotherhood. If they have lost in this world, they will earn in another, but will you?



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