There is one certain thing that we adore Kivanc. His acting skills, deep blue eyes and moreover strong personality never cease to amaze us. Here 5 things we bet you didn’t know about him.

  • First thing you should know about Kivanc is he hates lies. Everybody hates liars for sure but he dislikes a person even for a white lie. He can stop seeing a person if he releases she has lied. He loves plain, effortless look without much make-up and over paid clothes. He thinks being obsessive about using a certain brand is ridiculous, and price tags don’t matter.

  • He enrolled modeling agency because her mother insisted to. He was shocked when the agent called back immediately. He got fame when he crowned as Best Model of World 2002. He started taking acting classes after and we know how that went. His acting skills in legendary series “South and North” were beyond success.

  • He lived in France for a year and half after becoming best model of the world. He took classes on modeling and acting and language. Several times he underlined his love for country and how he missed Istanbul.

  • He is known as a religious person. He has a tattoo say “only Allah can judge me”.

  • He claims to judge a person by looking into eyes. As a scorpius he says eyes can’t lie and he trusts his instincts about a person and was never wrong.

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