5 Tips to Choose Correct Foundation

The foundation preference is pretty crucial as it wraps your skin all day and you whole make-up depends on it. Well, how do you know if a foundation is good for you? Our beauty editors compiled 6 tips to help you while purchasing perfect foundation for your skin. Do you need the formula of looking smooth? Read further for the tips…


Fit into Your Skin Care

What kind of product do you use for your skin care? Which features do you seek in a skin care product? You should choose your foundation according to that and so you can both get skin care and not sore your skin. For example if you are complaining about wrinkles, use an anti-aging product or have acne problem use non-comedojenic products.

Know Your Skin Type

If you repine about oily skin or have dry spots on your face, your foundation preference becomes more important. With those have oily skin can use mat finishing foundations with permanence effect while dry skins need moisturizing feature. Long story short, first know your skin type and then choose foundation.

Try Before You Purchase

While buying foundation, view the product and try it on your face instead of buying it online. For the right color you can try it on your chin bones or on your neck. However, your examination shouldn’t be just that, every product doesn’t give the same result on every part of your face. That’s why you can have the product applied on your face and spend your day with it. Does it becomes oxidize on your face, fills the lines or protect the perfect look for hours? Test it before buying.

Which Formula to Choose?

While powdered formulas diminish the oily look new age gel formulas cares the skin. After thinking pros and cons of ever formula, use what is good for your skin. Well, there is one certain thing, if you are newbie with make-up or not used to apply foundation, verge for liquid or foam forms as they are user friendly and can be mixed.


Is SPF a Reason to Prefer?

There is a certain answer for that question: yes! You should support one of the most important step of your daily routine with your foundation as well. Preferring SPF products will empower your skin’s shield against harmful and aging affect of the sunrays.

Bonus: Keep Pace with the Season

Remember to alter your products according to season; you should change your foundations in winter and summer. You should prefer lighter but permanent, heat proof products in hot weathers. If you tanned, you can renovate it to a darker color. During winter or in cold weathers you can prefer products to spoil your drying skin.


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