5 Unknown Reasons Why You Should Be Reading Book

Which book have you been reading lately or when have you read a book? Or your reading ritual is limited by magazines and Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts? We all know about benefits of reading, at least heard about it but have ever considered its health benefit?

  1. Mental Stimulation

You should exercise your brain just like the muscles of your body, for its health and strength. One of the side effects of aging is deceleration in our memory and brain functions. However, there is a cure; a solid reading routine can minimize this unwanted effect of aging.  According to researches there are few functions of reading in our brain, it helps you to actively use it and thus eliminates dysfunction of brain thus slowdowns (and even prevents) Alzheimer and dementia.

2.The Stress Reliever

The easiest environmental effects on our brain are caused by stress which is triggered by heavy working hours, personal relationships and daily struggles. You can find solution to your stress caused problems between pages of a good book, of you get lost in the sentences of a writer, you can relief your stress. A good novel would take you foreign lands and distract you from your personal problems and allows you to relax your body and mind. Loosing yourself in a wonderful novel might be perfect solution for stress.

3.Strong Mind

While reading a book you have to remember the characters, backgrounds, places and history of them as well as the people who draws their way during a story and sub-graphics. These are some things to remember but your brain is remarkable and keeps this in mind without great effort. Surprisingly, every fresh memoire you created forces your brain to produce new cells and that makes it stronger and helps to balance short and long term memory.

  1. Increase of Concentration

Our time is under the danger of DEHB and focusing problems thanks to internet and social media. And our attention usually drowned a million different ways…But while reading we only focus at one point. We can educate our minds by reading to avoid distractibility. This ability would help you with other jobs that require attention. Everyday, before you start working or go to school try to read for 15-20 minutes and surprise yourself.

  1. Stronger and Analytical Thinking Skills

Have you ever solved a riddled before you finish a mystery novel? If so, note every given detail and order them, so you’ll be starting a process of analytical and critical thinking. The same ability would help you to analyze details and when you need o be critical. Just like scrutinize the flow of events, the way of them, how they were written or how realistic or believable the story was. If you get a chance to debate on a book you have read don’t avoid and verbalize your thoughts freely, so you’ll see a different aspect of the book.

Anusha Zubairy

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