The internet is full of suggestions about healthy balanced life, it is almost a trend now. You can find recipes and suggestions about gluten free diets to non-alkali lifestyle, but there are few basic principles you should consider which ever you choose. Here are six suggestions and some recipes for a health balanced lifestyle that you should take seriously.


Pineapple is something to roll out the red carpet with rich content in my diet programs. This very fructuous fruit goes with breakfast to yoghurt mixes, you can consume in any meal. Plus, it is a popular fruit with bright yellow color and interesting taste. It has calcium, potassium, Vitamin C, carbohydrate, fibers, water and various minerals. It is good for digestive system and weight management.

I would like to underline that it is a valuable Vitamin C source. Vitamin C, I mean ascorbic acid protects our cells against free radicals and fights with bacterial and viral infections as a strong antioxidant. Also it helps iron absorption, supports collagen formation and regulates blood pressure and heart beats. During pregnancy, urinary tract infection would be delayed thanks to Vitamin C. Besides some cancer risks like colon, esophagus and stomach diminishes.

The U.S National Library of Medicine declares pineapple is bromelainly rich which is a proteolytic digestive enzyme to help dissolve protein. When consumed with meals, bromelain helps to digest the proteins and helps to degrade to amino acids.

Bromelain also helps to heal edema and inflammation in tissues and resulting arthritis, sinusitis, gout, sore-throat or injuries and flexion. According to researches bromelain prevents blood cell coagulation to reduce heart attack and stroke risks.

Additionally, pineapple is a perfect cerebral toner, which means it fights with memory loss, blues and melancholia, let’s say.


Pomegranate is a fruit you can use from salads to mid-meal alternatives. It helps to empower immune system, especially we can protect against winter diseases like flue thanks to pomegranate. The anthocyanin matter that gives the pomegranate its red color supports anti-carcinogenic immune system. The biophenoles work as cancer fighter, polyphenolles supports cardiovascular health. Hindering free radical formation, it reduces oxidative stress and lipid per-oxidation. The pomegranate is known with having 2-3 twice antioxidant than green tea.

I’ve read two researches that is done in 2015 saying pomegranate controls the insulin resistance, decreases Type 2 Diabetes and obesity. Note that it helps to reduce hyper tension, these are few benefits of pomegranate.


Just like pomegranate, blueberry has high anti-oxidant content of anthocyanin. It is effective against LDL; bad cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases thanks to high fiber rate and rich anti-oxidants. Besides, it is known with neutralizing harmful and illness triggering free radicals.

Our immune system can be boosted with rich Vitamin A, E, C, B and iron, potassium, copper, zinc, selenium and minerals and tackles against various infections like urinary tract infections. Playing a major part in eye health, blueberries are protective against eye problems allied to diabetes, night blindness, myopia, and cataract, also empowers eye structure. It is also beneficial for our skin, shielding it against UV lights and cellular damage, reprieves aging, helps it to look younger.


The avocado is essential for diet lists; you can eat it in your salads or, egg breads or any other way you like.

Avocado is protective against cancer as it contains antioxidants and feta-chemicals like glutathione, lutein and beta carotene. The researches tell it reduces oxidative damage with said antioxidants. Besides it is protective against cataract, molecular degeneration and such diseases having positive effect on sight.

Being at front with useful fat content, and rich with mono fatty acid… The minerals in it are especially important for folate heart wellness. Some scientific researchers show that consuming avocado daily is good for heart, regulating blood pressure, healing blood lipid level, decreasing bad cholesterol; LDL and rising HLD, good cholesterol. Moreover it is linked to reducing Alzheimer’s risk with omega-3 and Vitamin E. Remember, it is a good alternative to rich potassium fruits like banana and dried apricots for exercise.


I strongly recommend nursing mothers to consume pumpkin with rich carotene content and as it diminishes the sugar cravings.  Sugar free pumpkin baked in the oven with nuts is my favorite healthy snack.

Pumpkin is a rich food with respect to many vitamins and minerals. The Vitamin A in pumpkin is valuable for our skin and eye health. It plays a huge part fighting against anemia and crucial for bone development. With high carotene it plays a huge part with fighting cancer, especially prostate cancer. Beta crotons are very useful at Alzheimer’s treatment.

People who have digestive problems can consume pumpkin as it is good for costiveness problems. However, it’s the third highest glycemic indexed food after boiled potatoes and white rice so people who has diabetes should consume carefully.

Snack Recipe for Nursing Mothers


1 slice of pumpkin

1 spoon of locust or tahini molasses

1-2 whole nuts

Chop 1 slice of pumpkin into water and boil 1015 minutes. Put oven in 200 degrees afterwards for 20 minutes. When it is cold, pour tahini or locust and sprinkle nuts. Bon appetite.


It is rich in terms of protein, vegetable based omega-3, antioxidant and fibers. Chia seeds are the richest source of vegetable based omega-3: alpha linoleic acid among all other vegetables. It is very precious source for our brain.

It has law carbohydrate content with high fiber, besides most of the fiber is insoluble so the gylsemic index of it is low. Besides, there are works linking chia seed to healing cardiovascular diseases.

Though there no certain research about weight loss effect of it but with gel habit it is thought to extend fullness feeling which could be used in puddings and yoghurt mixes up two spoons.

The Best Pre-Exercise Snack

You can consume this mix 1.5 hours before exercise


200 gr. Yoghurt or milk

1-2 spoon of chia

1 spoon of nar

10 blueberries

1 thin slice of pineapples

7 raw almonds

2 nuts

Add chia seeds into yoghurt or milk and add other ingredient and mix. Garnish with nuts.


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