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Who doesn’t crave for a lazy evening at home, on the comfy couch and enjoying a good drama? If the story is mellifluous with clean-cut cast, that could be enough for a perfect evening.  Lately we love Turkish dramas, here we compiled five of the most successful, beautiful and strong idols of Turkish dramas who is outstanding women of the screens. These women are not just a beautiful face with acting skill but role models for young girls and accomplished a lot by themselves.

Leyla Lydia Tugutlu, princes of “Sweet Revenge” deserves to be this list due to her skills on music and qualified education of acting. She was born in October 29, 1989 and fluent at three languages; Turkish, German and English. Her mother is German and she had live there until elementary school. She attended conservatory during high school and concurrently her college education on German Literature she had violin and music lessons.

Her fame started with modeling career and not so much after she became Miss Turkey where she crowned by Paris Hilton.  In 2006 she awarded with “Princess” prize in “Miss Tourism Queen International” which held in China and “Miss Promising Model” in Fashion TV Oscars. She made a stride for acting in the “Es-Es” show as high school student Irem and later on was “Songul” in “Karadayi”. Currently the beautiful actress plays “Pelin” in “Bandits” and lead actress with Cagatay Ulusoy in the movie “Mad Honey”.


We adore her brunette hair, green-hazel eyes, gorgeous smile, her elegant yet effortless style; we love everything about Tuba Buyukustun. Her actual name is Hatice Tuba Buyukustun and was born in İstanbul in 1982. She entered TV world with a commercial film during college education on Stage Decoration and Costume Designing.

After graduation she accepted a small part in “Sultan Makami” and made a huge IKIŞ on     “Çemberimde Gul Oya”. She has played in great productions and now we watch her beauty of the “brave and beauty”. She was raised and still lives in Anatolian side of İstanbul, where she is deeply fond of. She is strict about her daily life, mingles freely with the crowd, taking yellow buses and ferry. What probably you don’t know about her is she hates technology and doesn’t like using it. What she loves is rice, she says she can eat every day.

She is list-worthy because of being goodwill ambassador of UNICEF. We are fond of women who cares other as much as herself. Despite she doesn’t advertise on we know charity works she has been doing, she is like Angelina Jolie of Turkey.

Youngest star of the list is Neslihan Atagul, who was born is 1992 and 24 years old. Beautiful actress continues acting training in Yeditepe University meanwhile she makes strong impression with her fulfilling career.

She got married and had kids with her cast mate Kadir Dogulu from “Fatih-Harbiye” and their relationship is under the spots as much as her.

She was granted many awards with her extraordinary performance on “First Love” in various festivals. In 2012 she awarded “best female actress” in “Tokyo Film Festival” and in Moscow she  held “Best Promising Actress” award in 2morrow Film Festival. She vivifies Nihan in the “Blind Love” and we believe she has more to success.

Beren Saat retrieved fame during collage, when she got second in “Stars of Turkey”, a talent show but she was already a star in high school musicals and year end theaters. In 2004 she played a small part in “Death in our Love” but became the famous star in her performance as lead actress of “Remember Darling”. The series was such a huge success that it influenced fashion movements of the country and vintage bags were all over the country.

In the “Forbidden Love” as Bihter she crowned our hearts as unfaithful wife and complicated women, with Kivanc Tatlitug and remarkable water mansion she made us adore Istanbul again. She speaks English and Spanish, spends her free time with dancing, playing tennis and watching movies, makes a mark as a sophisticated women with habits and holds herself at a distance from tabloid and magazine.

She made great commercial deals and took parts in huge productions. In 2010, we watched her in a completely different role in “What is Fatmagul’s Fault”, the innocent small town girl who is downtrodden but still strong enough to fight. Beren Saat is one of the actresses who can revive dissimilar lives into our screens. She is remarkable thanks to her acting skills, her elegant style and strong stance.

Fahriye Evcen was born in Germany, Solingen in 1986 and lives in Istanbul with Burak Ozcivit. She is among successful TV star but she was appeared on TV screen in a womens’ program when host Oya Aydogan was fascinated by her beauty and she saluted the audience.

Her first TV show was “The Fall of Leaves” and became a beloved star immediately as “Necla”. Her shiny dark hair and beautiful lips may be opened doors to fame for her but she is more than a beautiful face, she has graduated from one of the best schools of Turkey and got bachelor’s degree on history. She definitely deserves to be on this list, her clean scandal-free history and intellectual interest bring her to the fore.

Nowadays she is overwhelmed with wedding preparations and we wish happy couple to live long prosperous life together.






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