All You Need To Know About Gluten

Ender Sarac

Gluten free diets became some sort of fashion recently which is not completely wrong. Especially refined grains can cause problems which are the most popular consuming bread among people. That results increasing gluten intolerance. However the celiac and gluten intolerance is not the same thing which is often confused.  He celiac disease is an heavy allergy against gluten causing excessive pain in intestine, diarrhea and painful skin eruptions. White bread, bagels, pitta, muffin, anything made with white flour is forbidden for those people. The oatmeal and bran may also cause gluten intolerance when they are not digested properly. Gluten intolerance can cause dropsy and weight gaining. Sometimes you say you don’t eat bread but drink soup with whole flour or consume thickener without noticing. So, you should be aware of what you consume and be careful about gluten including food. When you grad up and consume all non-gluten nutritious food Vitamin D deficiency may occur which may cause immune system problems, fatigue or such… And additionally our cuisine is full of cookies, bread and pies, abandoning them all may be feeling unhappy in general.

Ways to give up gluten

First of all you should quit white bread. You can consume einkorn wheat or regular wheat instead. You can of course have free meals time to time but you shouldn’t lose control. I recommend you to have a routine and stick to it on your daily life.

We are running IGG4 test to diagnose food intolerance. If you don’t have sort of sensitiveness against oatmeal, barley or wheat you don’t have to do gluten free diet. If you have sensitiveness against gluten, we suggest you to consume dark rice or corn as an alternative in addition to fennel tea. This process becomes easier if you consume vegetables like leek, onions, quince and apple skins.

Identify Gluten

Gluten is some sort of protein which is in wheat, oat and rye. Naturally, people who were born with celiac can’t digest gluten as their intestines don’t have enzyme to digest it. In the event of unknown indigestive syndrome, we can suspect from gluten intolerance without celiac diagnose. Another contradictive point here is confusing wheat intolerance/allergy with gluten intolerance. You don’t have to quit all gluten ingredient food in that situation. You can consume oat and rye instead. I will repeat, if you don’t have problems you don’t have to quit at all, because Vitamin B is in the grains. And deficiency may cause serious problems.

Don’t over consume protein when you quit gluten

When you quit gluten, you stay away from all grains like oat, rye, wheat and such… Naturally, they verge for protein foods like meat, fish, milk and chicken. If your family history includes cardiovascular problems, risk for such diseases will increase. According to researches, quitting gluten doesn’t mean becoming healthy instantly.

It is always better to consume high quality food with well-known source

When eating natural becomes a glut and you are tempted, best thing to do is buying food from a reliable producer. For example when you try to rip white bread with your hands it would stretch when rye and oat bread crumbles. White bread is fluffier as the gluten is the substance that gives the dough elasticity.

Consume einkorn wheat

Einkorn is nutritious wheat and gluten range is lower comparing to whole wheat. Instead of completely quitting, we recommend a diet list with low grain and balanced protein to avoid cardio-vascular diseases and cholesterol. Of course in some situations you should completely avoid gluten, that should be decided according to test results.

With the persons who can’t meet daily grain needs may have carbohydrate deficiency which causes sweet cravings. There are trends every season, it seems like this seasons trend is gluten free diet.


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