You have just eaten but still feel hungry? Do you find yourself in front of the fridge? Carbs and sweets are your best friend? You appetite is dazzles everyone? There might be a reason for all those…

Dieticians think sugar cravings and desire to consume fat and carbs might be caused from unbalanced blood sugar, because in that case our brain gets signal to eat and feed the body. In order to stop that desire for food, the solution is not eating what you want, in that case gaining weight, at carbs diabetics or some cardiovascular diseases may occur. The solution is changing your eating habit to have right consuming order.

You Need Protein for a Day

After long hours of hunger at night, your body needs nutritious food. Thus breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You should support your body with good proteins like diary; milk, cheese, yoghurt and eggs.

Mid-Day Support

If you want to stabilize your blood sugar you shouldn’t skip meals. If you have two mid-meals, you can balance yourself at dinner.

Fruit for Dessert

Despite your regular feeding program, you might still have urge to eat dessert. Despite fattening desserts we recommend you to have fruits with high fiber such as apple or peach. Of course you should control portions of fruits; an apple or four apricots would be enough.

Use Nuts and Dried Fruits 

Even though you are full after meals you may feel starving. This is a sign for your blood sugar. You can have a snack with nuts. They are rich nutritious but keep in mind to consume them raw, otherwise they will turn into high calorie food.

Salad Equals Healthy Meal

Raw foods have qualified dregs so if you consume salads as a meal not a side dish, you will feel full in longer hours. You can control your appetite this way. Also, add one spoon of olive oil to spice your salad.

Green Tea?

According to dieticians, you can make use of green tea to assuage your hunger, add some cinnamon sticks and your blood sugar will be balanced whole day. It is known that cinnamon balances insulin level. Also you can add different herbs to prevent sweet cravings.

Sweet Break with Oatmeal

Feeling of satiety and preventing desire to consume sugar may be defeated with oatmeal. It is qualified carb and eating it with milk or yoghurt helps to saturate. You can bake it with milk and add some cinnamon, dried fruits and chia seeds.

Water is Life

Every human being has different levels of water need but an adult needs to consume 35 ml water per kg. ıf we don’t fulfill water needs of the body, our brain gives signals for nutrient. Water is basic need to maintain body balance. Here is a tip, you can add lemon slices, cucumber or mint to spice taste.

Never Without Kefir

We cannot count the benefit of the kefir enough; it is filling, balances blood sugar and has low glycemic index. Moreover the qualified protein and probiotics in it helps digestive system. If you don’t like its taste you can add fruits.


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