Artistic Collection from Urban Decay

The irresistible make-up brand Urban Decay is about to mesmerize us with new collection.

If you are familiar with palettes of the Urban Decay you know that the fame of it arises from the combining hard tones in one palette and now it will grow apace while inspired one the greatest modern artist of the 21st century; Jean-Michel Basquiat.

In collection, every piece has a trace from the artist in which there are three palette inspired by Basquiat’s drawings. Tenant Eyeshadow Palette has eight vivid colors, Gold Griot Eyeshadow has consisted of eight natural colors and Gallery Blush Palette has a remarkable bronzer, an illuminative and also two colored blush. Besides three color of eye pencil, a brand new lipstick has added to the collection.

We have dazzled by two things with the collection. Initially, the campaign face of the new palettes, Ruby Rose is a genuine Basquiat admirer so that she has a tattoo on her arm. Second, there is a bulge behind of every piece you purchased from the collection, which means you can hang them on the wall with those bulges to create your own Basquiat exhibit.

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