Bach Flower Remedy

Dr. Sinan AKKURT

Bach Flowers is some kind of therapy that found by Doctor Bach which essence of 38 flowers are used. Doctor Bach realizes these 38 flowers are good for curative some emotions and investigates their essence one by one to reveal their sanitary attribute. For many psychiatric illnesses, Bach Flowers Therapy is still subservient as supportive treatment which blossom scents are used without side effect and wieldy. It doesn’t include any chemicals thus does not harm nature as well as human body.

According to Doctor Bach, there ought to be a balance between healthy body and soul. That’s why doctor was intrigued by flowers’ ability to maintain psychological balance and became famous and accepted doctor thanks to it.  He claims that negative feelings such as anxiety, fear, insecurity leads to loss of joy and subsequently unwanted behaviors like loneliness desultoriness, and desperation. As a result of these physical and psychological illnesses may occur.

Bach Flowers is a remedy that transforms negative thoughts to positive and drives individuals away from unwanted mindscape and supports personal cogency. It has been implemented for thousand times until today and still has. Knowing emotional situation of patient and choosing exactly correct flower essence properly is the main causal agent of achievement in treatment. We can not assert Bach Flower Therapy is legitimate therapy solely but it is per facto beneficial to eliminate negative emotions.

It is not preferable to use on adolescents but can be applied on children, pregnant women, elders and even people has flower allergies.

Seven emotions are known Bach Flowers have effect on: Fear, uncertainty, indifference towards current situations, loneliness, over sensitivity, sorrow and grief, dance attendance on others wellness or stance.

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