All Beauty Secrets of Top Model Tulin Sahin Revealed 

İrem Uluerciyes

Tulin Sahin is one of the most popular top models of Turkey who is internationally famous for her beautiful face, hard work and style. She started modeling career in 1998 with ‘Supermodel of Denmark’ pageant and since on the radar of all fashion brands.  

Tulin Sahin is not just a supermodel. She is a commercial star, a TV program host on fashion and beauty, and a writer on healthy lifestyle. We love her since we glanced her flipping her abundant hair on catwalk. When she became a prominent model in every project she was in, we admired her dedication to hard work. She always enjoys making contribution to community which she proved the, her online project to for young girls and women. She puts on effort to explain being a model is not just about walking on podium with beautiful look.

People adore her thanks to her stable marriage, ongoing projects and clean tabloid-free career. People trust her, follow her and her advices; has millions of members. We might look fresh and well-groomed as a top model just by fallowing her advices.


Step by Step Super Model Look by Tulin Sahin

Fleshy Lips

If you need your lips to look fleshy, just rub with a coarse bath-glove. Andreas, make-up artist works with me on abroad jobs tells “cover your lips with moisturizer before taking a shower and brush with a junior toothbrush. You will not believe the difference”. He also has another tip; take a piece of ice and on your lips and then use fleshy lip balm. You will realize they look fleshier than ever.

Arrow-like Eyelashes

Even if you put no make-up on, absolutely curl your eyelashes and out on few layers of mascara. Mascara will refresh your face right away.

Perfect Eyebrows

To add lifting affect to your face, pluck your eyebrows fittingly your face type.

Distinctive Cheekbones

Supermodels have something in common besides than being 0 sizes: distinctive cheekbones. You can maintain the same effect immediately. Suck your cheeks in and put on one ton darker blusher. Here you go; ready to take a selfie with Kate Moss.

Bright Hairs

Ask your hairdresser to cut and dye your hair according to your face. It should be a model that requires 5-10 minutes to make before going out. So, you have created your own supermodel hair.

Shiny Skin

Before taking a shower, brush your body from toes to neck with a hard body brush. Thus your blood circle will revive and you will have healthy skin tone. Brush your face with circular moves before washing and after rinsing moisturize.

Soft Hands and Feet

Don’t neglect your hands and feet while brushing your body. Even before sleep brush your hands and feet and then apply a thick moisturizer; wear cotton gloves and socks sleeping. Your hands and feet will as soft as cotton.


She wrote a book about looking fit always telling secrets of maintaining beautiful and healthy body and tells readers most important fragments of the book.

Don’t Underestimate Power of Your Brain

Which command we give to our brain, our body makes the order. If we keep mumbling about being fat, having thick legs, tights’ or belly, our brain gives that order to our body. Say the opposite and picture yourself that way in your mind. While I was size L, I had bought an S dress on sale. I hang that dress to my wardrobe and everyday repeated “I will be S someday”. Then I wasn’t aware of power of my mind, now I know that works.

Beginning Day without Breakfast Causes You to Gain Fat

Don’t even think “I will skip the breakfast and thus eat less”. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. After 7-8 hours of sleep your body needs nutritious to be able to move. One hour after you wake up you should eat, if you skip that your body will gain fat whatever you eat.

Burn Double Fat; Exercise Outside

When you move outside according to the weather conditions, your body will make more effort and thus you will burn more calories. If you have a walking route definitely take advantage of a hard slope. Open air is best remedy for cellulite. To surprise your body once a week you may take a long walk.

Lose Weight with Good Fats

We have hesitated to consume oils for years but on the contrary now we know oils are not fattening us. Because, even it doesn’t make sense, our body needs oils to burn fat. Consuming oils makes digestion easier and burns fat. Add your diet olive oil. And remember experts suggest not to eat and meal without fat.

Less Sleep Will Gain You Weight

Sleep deprivation unfortunately leaves deep marks on our skin and body. We become bad-tempered all day, eat junk food, our skin look matt and pale. Sleep deprivation raises appetite hormone gherline, and thus causes belly fat. A good night sleep is as precious as a fine-cut jewelry. 

Consume Coffee before Exercising

If you take a cup of coffee before exercise your metabolism and fat burning ability will be stronger. Filter coffee is full of antioxidant.

Don’t do Grocery Shopping While Hungry

If you go to market while hungry you will out whatever you see to the basket and we all know that means eating junk food in front of TV later. Go to shopping while you are full and stick your list.

Quit White Bread

Definitely eat one or two slices of bread with first plate, so that will prevent you to take second table. It should be with full grained. Don’t eat bread with pasta or rice.

If you Get Hungry at Night

Put a handful of saltless almond in a bowl of yogurt. This will keep you full during the night. It doesn’t consist sugar, on the contrary has good fat, the ones you should take. If I get hungry at night I eat this mix.

Drink Ice not Water

Pour a glass of ice and drink with a pipet slowly. If you eat it will be more effective. Because your body will burn more calories in order to heat itself. You know the water bottle in models hands; most of them are full of ice.

Miraculous Peeling Recipe

I prepare my own peeling mixing salt, sugar and olive oil. Salt cleans every tiny black head. Sugar makes your skin glow. Olive oil ensures your skin to get the moist it needs. I apply it to my whole body including hands and feet. I certainly recommend it.

Reward Yourself Once a Week

On condition to be once a week and morning or noon, eat whatever you want but as small portions. So you will relief with our body.

You Can Tolerate Two Kilos

Experts always say you may tolerate two kilos. I am usually 50 kg and I allow myself to be 52, top. If there is an emergency, as an event or party, I cut sugar and oil and then fit in every dress I want. If you play around two kilos for your lifetime, it is okay but if you ply between 5 or 10 kilos, that’s undesirable, you are tiring your heart.


*Don’t skip exercising every day.

*Consume predominantly vegetables, fruit, and white meat. Red meat should be on table two times a week maximum and right after exercise.

*Balance salt and sugar.

*Don’t skip healthy snacks during day because they are hidden heroes of your nutritious habit.

*Cellulite creams should be used twice a day. Apply after exercising; it will have a stronger and faster impact. Our cells renovate themselves during sleep, thus you should apply at night as well.

*Well-moisturized skin always looks better. Summer or winter, you should never neglect moisturizer.

How did You Come up With Tuliss Desert?

“There is this venue inside the Ciragan Palace, that I love spending time in; Gazebo Lounge. Whenever I have photo shoots or fashion parade in Ciragan Palace, before or after I make time for myself and have a coffee or take a bite. One day, while having a cup of coffee, marketing team of Ciragan Palace approached with a brilliant idea; they wanted to cook a desert and give my name to it. At first I couldn’t believe that my favorite place would serve a desert that named after me! I was thrilled and honored, obviously accepted the offer. As a desert-lover, it would be really fun to create my own desert. Our concept was renewing it every season to represent fashion and would be compatible with patterns and colors of the season. To represent modeling, it would be low calorie but delicious. My friends usually call me Tuliss, I even have patented brands as Tuliss. And the desert “Tuliss” became one of the most popular deserts is Ciragan, even it is at the top of most Kempinsky Hotels around the world. I would never think of having a desert named after me, and even in a Palace….




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