Beauty Treatments You Should Know Before Saying “Yes”

Finally that day has arrived. The day you have been long dreaming, losing sleep over excitement and excitability to say yes to happiness has finally arrived. For that magnificent day, naturally you want to look as best, while the bride attains all attention and gather eyes on herself. Who wouldn’t want to make mark on guests mind with not just remarkable gown but also bright smile, flawless skin and shiny hair?
Your skin will be tired as days pass busy as bee for wedding preparations so don’t ignore skin care sessions in advance. During the big day, all errands like photo shoots and welcoming guests tucker you out, to prevent that it is crucial to have clean skin. Scientist has developed new treatments for such busy days, try to find correct aesthetic and cosmetic surgery center. Here are some treatments that most stylish brides seclude themselves and get done before the big day.

According to researches % 14.8 of the brides prefer Botox. To reduce wrinkly look between your eyebrows, reducing aging lines on your face or to enhance your lips, botox is a popular and easy implement.

Struggling with that 5 kilos you couldn’t lose before wedding might be upsetting, on wedding day and for a Maldivian honeymoon.  We prefer implements and massages that help to reduce fat on certain areas like seaweed therapy or more dramatic resulting one like CoolSculpting. With cool sculpting, cold technology applies on certain areas like tights, arms or belly and with 5-7 sessions you get thinner.

Our beauty editors recommend Oxygen Infusion treatment if you don’t have serious skin flaws. That kind of treatments includes deep facial cleanse, exfoliation, a light peel, and hydrating mask suitable to your skin. That kind of treatment is very capable of eradicating fine lines and smoothing out the tone and texture. Try to make an appointment a day before your wedding.

If you’re apprehensive about little flows, red dots or wrinkles blighting your big day, try PRP;   Platelet-rich Plasma Therapy Minimally invasive, practioners take the patient’s own blood and extract the platelet-rich plasma, injecting it back into the face. Originally developed for joint damage, wound healing and diabetic ulcers, the results on facial rejuvination were so good it is now one of the most sought-after procedures. PRP can be used for crow’s feet, cheeks, and fine lines for volumising and improving skin tone, tightness and texture.

The muscular tissue under the skin sometimes gets weak and causes saggy look on face, chin or cheeks.  You have non-surgical options like Tarmage that targets sagging skin that’s losing its elasticity. It can be used almost everywhere, from eyes to face and body, where one desires a little lift – it can even help with the appearance of cellulite, sagging knees and love handles.

Would you like to get a surgical result with a minimal invasive treatment? Try the Stem Cell Facelift, a rejuvenating procedure that uses your own body fat cells as resource. Stem cells are extracted from it and implanted into face to maintain fuller look and youthful skin. As a less-invasive form of face-lift it activates other cells to repair skin tissue and thus help to recover damaged parts.



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