Belts Will Cover the City

You know that moment when you all grind up nicely but feel like something is missing, but couldn’t figure out what it is… that missing piece is always a belt. A belt has the power to alter an ordinary look utterly.

The first examples of the belt are seen in Bronze Age, they used as a device to hold the fabric together. belts were used by men mostly, as a place to put the knife and pistols throughout the history but they turned into a fashion item around 1900’s. Since then, women and men are using belt as an accessory.

How Belts used in 1980’s

We, I mean women are able to turn everything into an ornament, naturally used belts to cherish the combination.

As we see belts were always around. In some season we used then under the t-shirt or on them. But this season belts will not be hidden, on the contrary they mend to show off. In winter get ready to use enormously big belts on oversize sweaters and coats.

Belt-Outfit Harmony

I assume the question about which outfit we should use a belt with is in a cold storage. We use them on a blouse, dress, sweater and even coat. Fashion bloggers used to draw attention about not to use belts on loose pieces but for couple of seasons this harmony makes a cool and sophisticated look. When almost a stretch high waist belt is an obligation you should try it with baggy outfits. You will notice how it changes the air of a plain dress. All you have to give heed to equally distributing shirrs of the dress. Otherwise you may look bigger than you actually are.

Choosing the Wright Belt for your Body Type

If your upper body is longer than your legs your bottom outfit and belt should be same. So your leg will look longer. Besides if you this body type you can easily choose the belts that doesn’t look good on everbody.

If your legs are long and upper body is short use the same color for belt and top. Belts hanging from your hips will make you look cooler. Try to choose thin belts on this situation because they hide the middle part of your body and create a look with longer legs.


Always pick a belt suitable for your style. Don’t buy a belt just because it is beautiful. Let the belt reflect your style. Because sometimes outfits drag you away from your style and a belt helps you to feel good in your usual style.


A glossy belt helps you to capture all eyes on you. But if you want to have a glossy belt your waist should be thin. Women has a thick waist line can capture same mood with a fancy kerchief.

At last, you can use hit item of the season, straws as a belt. They will look better than you imagined…

I wish you all a good week with these trendy shopping suggestions.


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