Best Venues to Break the Fast in Istanbul 

There are gorgeous places to have iftaar in Ramadan. Most of the restaurants have a fixed iftaar menu including appetizers and desserts as well as a la carte menus. The restaurants usually don’t serve alcohol beverages during Ramadan and daytime most of the places are closed or less crowded. There are some Turkish Ramadan customs; usually a flat bread (pide) is served with dinner with soup. Some of the venues present exclusive Ramadan shows, including dervish semah or traditional religious songs.

You have to make reservations for most of the restaurants during Ramadan try to contact before visiting.

Huqqa is unique café-restaurant where you can dine, choose one among 200 beverage options, and enjoy a carefully prepared hooka. You should choose between two locations, both at the shore of Bosporus; Kurucesme or Emirgan. During Ramadan the world-renowed chefs prepare dishes that they bring the ingredients from original locations.

Recently a new place deputed to Istanbul socialites in the heart of Bosporus, Kurucesme Fahham. The restaurant & café is already a crowded place, remember to make reservations before planning iftaar. There will be fix menus from traditional Ottoman dishes to familiar western meals.

If you wish to break your fast with savoring Mediterranean dishes, Lacivert Restaurant is your place. While dining on the desolated, peaceful and historical shore of the Bosporus, will be astonished by the companion of green and blue.

Istanbul is not just a metropolis of 21st century, but history and natural wonders merge together. Kempinsky Ciragan Palace were erected as the crowning glory of the Bosporus, magisterially rules the historical peninsula and all the beautiful shores of Istanbul. The hotel reflexes the Ottoman luxury combines refinery Orient taste with European architectural styles. The restaurants of the Hotel are serving with widely experienced crew, with exclusive Ramadan program you will feel the atmosphere of the Sultan’s dining room.

In the most exquisite spot of the Bosphorus Strait Les Ottomans Restaurants, offers more than view for Ramadan. As well as fix menus guests may choose from a la carte menus. “Hotel Les Ottomans” restaurants offer very special alternative venues for you to spend pleasurable and peaceful hours with your loved ones and feel the spirit of the Ramadan.

A’jia Hotel, a traditional Ottoman mansion jewels the Anatolian shore of the Bosporus Consisting of delicacies of Mediterranean cuisine, A’jia’s sumptuous menu acquires a unique Bosphorus restaurants character in the skilled hands of award-winning chef and his culinary team. If you wish to break the fast enjoying the turquoise waters of Istanbul, A’jia is perfect place for you.

After visiting the religious venues of peninsula such as Sultanahmet, Blue Mosque or Suleymaniye Mosque, Hamdi Restaurant is the best place to taste Southestern Cuisine by Chef Hamdi. For Ramadan the restaurant offers originally flavored Kebabs in fix menu. With matchless landscape of Eminonu, enjoy the historical Galata and Bosphorus.

Visit the one kind of Hotel and Restaurant in Sultanahmet; Four Seasons. Enjoy iftaar served with fresh air and sunshine. Seasons Restaurant in Istanbul features a glass-enclosed courtyard and an outdoor terrace, both of which are guest favourites. The elegant, refined décor combines Turkish artwork with more contemporary elements, and the beautifully landscaped garden serves as a peaceful oasis in the middle of high-energy Istanbul. Remember to make reservation and ask about Ramadan specialties.

We now visit a different side of the Istanbul, with spectacular view of the Bosphorus, Tarabya Bay and the Marina. The Grand Tarabya’s main restaurant offers a la carte menu in international cuisines as well as fix Ramadan menus. The Hotel offers special Ramadan treats and shows to make you feel traditional Ottoman evenings.

Between iftaar and sahoor Istanbul night are lively and full of surprise. Most of the venues are open till sohoor and offer special treats for Ramadan. At the newest trend center of Istanbul, Kabatas, new Lulu Hookah opened and offers an Istanbul experience. As well as beautiful fix Ramadan menus the restaurant is high-row with desert menu and hooka flavors.

Nusr-Et Steakhouse is cities eminent venue to dine in Ramadan which opened its doors in 2010. By offering many unique options to meatlovers, Nusr-Et quickly brought extra flair to the steakhouse culture and still serves as an indispensable location for its guests. Experience the best meat of the world for iftaar by the chef Nusret’s culinary team.

The deep-seated restaurant chain of Istanbul, Emirgan Sutis serves since 1953 and has 18 branches worldwide and offers the most delicious “doner” of the city for Ramadan. The restaurant and café chain becomes prominent with their effort to obtain the food from directly place it is originated. In Ramadan for iftaar and sahoor you may taste the exclusives and definitely should try Ottoman deserts.



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