Helloooo everyone, I don’t know how long it has been since I posted a “trend” article but I realized how much I missed it. And that’s why I have plenty of energy to talk about the trendy masculine jacket of 2017-18 Winter\Fall season and their wide usage area in modest clothing.

The maxi, wide-cut masculine jackets were the most wanted pieces among modest dressers couple of seasons ago. Brands had limited themselves with short and tight blazers that fit the body perfectly. That was certainly a shopping nightmare for a modest lady if she needs to attend a meeting, strict office dress code or just simply needs a jacket.

Thankfully, store shelves are full of comfy large jackets. Now we are free to leave the tight jackets to the gentlemen of the day and re-define the masculinity!

As you see below, a masculine 40’s look with white shirt and hound’s-tooth suit looks exaggerated if you wear an oxford shoe. You can have a cooler and reckless image with a sneaker. With these kinds of suits add a hint of warm orange to give it the color it desires. For extra femininity or balance, use bracelets and rings.

In cold weather wearing a trench coat or coat over a suit gives you rich layering. You may have difficult time to adopt in winter but I promise, it will get easier.

You can use a leather belt to underline your waist or bottom more with a 1930’s pleated high waist men pants. Formality of dark blue suits goes with camel accessories. But one should be careful about not matching shoes with purse and not using more than 2 brown pieces. Because if brown gets dominant the modern look will spoil and you may a démodé combination. Choose between these: brown watch, belt or purse.

You can spoil the formality of the suit by saving oversize blazer jackets or crevasse cup ones from the trousers. Try to match them with culottes’, printed shirts or sweatshirt and adopt to street style.

Denims are the lead actress in street style and our bestie with oversize jackets. You can^t resist the harmony with hounds-tooth patterns.

The nostalgic hounds-tooth makes the outfit and the patter modernized if you match them with avant-garde shoes.

If you want to get rid of the girl-next-door image that sticks on with a skirt or maxi dress masculine jackets are your friend and savior. It is the ideal piece to get the balance of the feminine-masculine look. If you are worried about making your legs shorter, use high heels.

For a skirt styling inspired by Gucci’s maximalist femininity, try to match a metallic pleated skirt with printed shirt, masculine jacket and sunglasses. You can complete a cool styling with these shoes Mango fabricated inspiring from pearl heels of Gucci stilettos.

And we have ended another article. I have already added oversize masculine jacket to my shopping list. Let’s say goodbye until the next week, where I will write about street style combinations to inspire you.




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