Bold and Beautiful: Maximalist 90’s Have Returned

We all sometimes sink into nostalgia while missing the past, or may be the little girl who envies her mom getting ready for an evening event pops up and makes us dress up the hint of 90’s iconic looks. Of course the 90’s were time of the supermodels, fashion runways and iconic TV shows with unique beauty concept and renovated brave looks. Those were time of high sneakers, denim suits, chokers, velvet and lace. Obviously some has buried into depths of the history like acid wash but some have returned for good. Now, you can take a little journey to the depths of your mom’s wardrobe to dig out the best pieces.  Here are the items of maximalist 90’s iconic look that made swept into 2018 trends. Let’s get bold and beautiful!


  1. Short Platinum Hair

This year we have seen Zoe Kravitz’s new short platinum hair on Instagram and instantly remembered iconic Jada Pinkett-Smith look on red carpet.  So, in 2018 we’ll see more classical pixie with platinum hues. Modest influencer Dina Tokio pulled the platinum hair off last summer.

  1. Neon Hues

Isn’t 90’s a little bit means “neonies”? The nineties staple is neon pieces and they are back! From bright sneakers to sportswear, iconic nineties look awaits you. Bonus, bright hairs like Bella the Beautiful


  1. Printed Separates

Silky floral prints were the mark of classical office look of nineties which we remember from actress Nicole Kidman and Cate Blanchett in embroidered floral motifs. 2018 printed suit look is here to create more refined silhouettes, you can go for tailored separates like singer and actress Kelly Rowland.


  1. Virile Suits

Many women sported suits with a looser fit in the 90’s but this time tailoring hets refined. Check Julia Robert in 1990 Golden Globe red carpet styling.


  1. Surprise Red

The favorite of Helmut Newton woman is red lips, completely natural comb hair and giddy-paced hair.


  1. 90’s Browny

The overflowly applied golden shimmered brown eye shadow, countered bronzer powder and white coffee unites together with a creamy nude lipstick.


  1. Voluminous Hair

Exaggerated 90’s super model look is identified with voluminous but still natural hair. Today it is easier to do with hair root volume filler hair care products comparing to 20 years ego.



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