Here is Why “Brave and Beautiful” is So Successful

What do you measure with success of a drama? With old school rating quantification or by social media power, or according to internet fans? A drama is strong enough as its influence on social media, it demonstrates how the story and characters effect people. Brave and Beautiful is such a drama, even according to last week’s report of Media Monitoring Center ,it was at the top of social media ratings. But of course we don’t love the show because of that; here are reasons to watch Brave and Beautiful.

The Strong Scenario

As much as we are amused to watch love and passion between Cesur and Suhan, the show is not entirely love drama, story arc is garish and events are moving fast. Cesur and Suhan know neither their families connections from the past nor their fathers’ unclosed matters. These hidden relations and fiddles between them literally nails us in front of the screens, it is the perfect mix of action, drama and tension. You don’t watch it for pretty faces, but every week you wonder what to come next.

Competent Art Directory

The scenes are at countryside mostly, in Tuzla, Catalca and Durusu and the mansion’s decoration reflect the country air remarkably. The lights almost tell a story by themselves. But I have to mention clothes, I love whatever Tuba Buyukustun wears, her stylish look when heading to office and long cardigans on the gardens are breathtaking. Stylings always support the story, unlike the dramas where all actresses wear stilettos and actors suited as if they are at the door of meeting room.

Well, Kivanc Tatlitug

I don’t know what to say about his acting skills. Kivanc knows fame game actually, he is aware of being handsome will not last forever and always tries to train himself. As Cesur, he is perfect in a love-hate relationship, his body language, mimics and gestures are making my mouth open ever time.

The Beauty

Tuba Buyukustun is familiar with screens for a long time. But in Beauty and Brave I love how she revives Suhan as innocent wealthy girl and her conflictions while dealing between her husband, love and her father, family. She carries every outfit as they were sewed for her, I definitely adore her.

Strong Characters

The love story is in an impossible alley with their families issues from past, hence the story becomes lacked up in side characters. In the drama, every side character has treated fairly, from background stories to clothes. Since the beginning of the passionate relationship of Cesur and Suhan every side character had huge impact on the love story; that makes a show successful and saves it from drowning in boring rivers.

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