Can Hijab-Tutorials be Linked to Women Self-Emancipation?

Emine Merve Serbetci

Muslim world is shattered and disjoint geography as we all might agree on. We all agree on one other thing (along with suppositions of Quran El Kareem) as Muslim society of the world; the importance of hijab. Most of the so called secular governments in some Muslim populated countries tried to ban hijab initially. I will not dig in the presumptions of such an act but I think it is safe to claim the Hijab is visible facade of Islamic society. While commending on Hijab, Quran doesn’t define or determine a certain shape or style to wear it but rather it draws an outline with reason. I think this is the merciful face of Islam, it helps to blend Islamic commends with traditional or cultural features when they don’t contradict.

On the other hand, Hijab can be facilely matter of oppression by society itself. The way you do your hijab or the style you prefer can be defined by community strictly. Or was. Until Youtube tutorials. I now see lots of women with different hijab styles and I find it incentive. Incentive on how we express ourselves the way we dress. I don’t agree with the idea of outlook and dress is an unimportant matter in Islam. We initially know from our prophet Mohammed that dressing neat and clean is encouraged. Additionally if appearance wouldn’t matter Allah wouldn’t commend women to dress in particular way. Thus, modest dressing is an important matter. Thus I think we express our identity with how we grind up.

The hijab tutorials take scene at this point. I believe it gives feeling of solidarity and unity among women. It helps to stretch the boundaries of tradition and gives women a chance to choose how they look. I think the issue is beyond fashion, it is about looking different. Ten years ego women in my country looked almost same if they wear hijab and it was almost impossible to find an outfit for young Muslim women. If now we can feel free to choose between western famous brands and able to buy a headscarf from Hermés, it’s because Youtube made us more visible and apparent. I think the way we look connected Muslim women and helped to break boundaries of tradition.

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