While we have just celebrated World Hijab Day, we wish to see more modest ladies in public area, at plazas or offices. We know as modest ladies make room for themselves in work life more, the equality matters will be closer to solve and hopefully discriminations against women will be diminished. Here are the codes to look stylish at the office with a modest style.

The Black Blazer

A black blazer with a flawless tailoring is the joker piece of your wardrobe. You can have countless combinations with a wide cut blazer that is long enough to cover your hip, use cigarette cut or flared trousers for example. Our suggestion; designed on the basic fabric of the office style, crape and detailed with satin would give the perfect outcome; you’ll feel comfortable and high self esteem while you sip you coffee at the coffee corner or try to make a presentation in a tough meeting. This jacket empowers your style with purple stripes and obtains a perfect harmony with pouring fringes.

The Cream Purse

On no account to the colors in your outfit, a cream bag would be sufficient to look stylish. You can balance all kind of style using the magic of cream. Let us remind, you can a formel look with geometric forms.

The Flared Trousers

They are good at giving timeless stylish look with the design that get more bulk with increasing thread number beginning from hipline. This is the basic advantage of a pair of flared trousers for a modest lady, they make your waist like thin and still doesn’t reveal you lines. You can complete your looks with a pair crape flared trousers, a maxi blouse and a masculine jacket. We have a tip for the short ladies, hide your heels under the trouser cuffs and wear a maxi top, you’ll look leaner. Longer ladies can match them with flats to have a strong and effortless look.

The Nude Stiletto

The nude perfectly matches with every color even though it is not part of the neutral color scale. So, you can easily combine them with every kind of skirt and trousers thanks to that perfect accord. Woman who wants to stain the dark colors of business life can boost their style with this color choice. Besides, the ideal and stylish shoe of the plaza is no doubt, stiletto.

White Crape Shirt

Regardless to the current season, you must have a white crape shirt in your wardrobe. You can easily revive them with accessories and plus they’ll help you to gain trust of your collages and superiors as they hint the niceness and daintiness. 

You also should remember, the point of key pieces is they take to the stage at the indecision moments and help you to ensure your style. However having an outfit out of all the pieces above would be very boring. After you set-aside the key piece complete your outfit regards to you office conditions and personal style. Have fun while dressing up!


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