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According to an experience that was published at Appetite Journal, colors are as effective as our appetite on our eating habits. The color of the food is sending signals to our brain and that has a certain power on our nourishment preference.

That means coloring up our appetite, our day and psychology is in our hands! When we are down, just the doctor ordered is colorful tables. Some tables are like a rainbow; they whet our appetite and eyes. Here, let’s take a look at nourishment labels to prepare tables that’d whetting or closing our appetite… Have you ever thought which colors are used heavily at restaurants? Let’s think what colors are dominant at the most attention attacking restaurants? If you have, let’s begin…

The Ruler “Red”

I almost hear you saying “of course”! Red is predominantly used at fast food restaurants as it is striking and appetite whetting. Red generally excites everyone in a level, that’s why it is used.

According to a research that was published at International Journal of Asian Social Science, factors like gender and age has a quite importance on the reaction to the colors of individuals. The research claims psychological effect of the colors would change from cold to warm.


Orange would increase the appetite with making you feel more vivid and energetic. Besides that, popularity of the color decreases as the age increases, in both genders.


Yellow is another color –just like red- that fast-food chain restaurants prefer because not only it whets the appetite but also makes you excrete serotonin hormone and thus you feel happier.   Green

Do you feel the tranquility already? Just as I say green, woodnotes instantly rang my ears. As you can guess easily green reminds us the nature and evokes sedative effect of it. Besides, it generally reminds healthy nourishment and mostly vegetables, that would repulse some people and make them lose their appetite.


Another color to make you feel tranquil is blue… The color is usually being preferred by the official restaurants as they produce a calm and relaxing air. It doesn’t actually whet the appetite, on the contrary the calmness may make you lose it but the peaceful environment it creates makes you want to stay longer there and that implicitly increases consuming at the venue.

If you ask what use do I get with learning the effect of the colors. The positive outcome is awareness, awareness of your appetite. When you feel blue, let the color help you; or if you need to lose weight, be careful about charm of the warm colors. Lose weight not yourself!

I wish happy and healthy life to all…


Zehra Bora

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