Complete Your Self Esteem with your Voluminous Hair

The think we call as “hair care” should be one thing that you do for yourself that reliefs you and it definitely should be done as routine.

With summer, you must be aware that you should do your hair care more often. This routine process should be taken seriously especially by hijabi ladies more. Because lack of air and sun shine on the hairs may cause problems, so I’ll talk about how to take care your hair if you wear hijab.

The only problem of modest life is the skin of your hair is closed and stays lack of hair. This problem depends on daily life of course but working ladies wear hijab for longer hours hair loss may occur and you may have even have itchy feeling all day long.

The simplest thing is your hair’s need for vitamins just like your body. If we have Vitamin D deficiency we take vitamins and supplements to place it, that’s what you should do for your hair. If you have problems we verbalized above, you have take time for yourself and take care of your hair immediately. Let’s take a look at what we should do…

If hair is lack of air;

-Hair loss

-Dandruff at hairy area


-under ear fungi

-volumes-less hair

If you have oily hair problems you can find easy solutions just as I listed below.

-ventilate your hair

-comb your hair regularly

-Try not to tie your hair too tight, try to leave it loose so that you can prevent hair loss.

Try to take a shower often during summer and definitely dry your hair. You should use cream-free shampoo because it causes oily hair. Some bonnets may make your hair sweaty because of their fabric so try to choose nylon-free ones.

The Miraculous Turpentine  for your Hair

The most popular hair care essential oil is turpentine when it comes to hair loss. We can’t talk about its benefit for your body enough but we can list what it does to your hair. It helps your hair to get too oily, makes it bright and shiny with strong tissue and helps your hair to get long faster.

How To Apply

Tou can add 30 drops of turpentine to 250 ml shampoo and use freely. It is very effective oil so don’t use it directly.

Take care of yourself…


Kübra Akar Umar


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