Miraj İstabul as presenting a modern point of view to the Islamic culture, now presenting novel scatter forms from 17th century and aims to revive “Concept Pray Collection” with useful design for prayers.

Two designer sisters initiated Miraj Istanbul with great enthusiasm and desire to bring a new approach to Islamic patterns and forms on prayer items, also bring a modern point of view to the matter. The brand arouse from the interwoven parts of the modern life and Islam and brings a breath of fresh air to old prayer rugs. The designers don’t only interested in the shape or form of the items but also aims to alter praying experience with convenient usage and carriage.

Burcu Kirmizi educated in Visual Media and Communication and Merve Kirmizi worked in cooperative big firms about media and improved herself in many areas. Now these hard working and talented ladies are working on their brand and to make it a world-wide trademark.

Miraj Istanbul was designed by inspiring Islamic architecture but combines it with the peaceful minimalist modern forms. They don’t stick themselves with tradition or label as modern; but they claim to be the Muslim of the Era and determined to use the technology and modernity with early Islamic expression.  The special mat in the rugs diminishes the impact of the pray on knees and elbows.

Miraj was embellished with silk thread and A qualified fabric in the hands of skillful craftsman and named after “Mirac”. The items of the collection were named after famous Muslim scientists and discoverers and make even more meaningful designs with using colors to accord with the scientist profession.

For example, the rug for the first scientist to say the world is spinning and round; “El-Biruni” is out of blue velvet. This approach was adopted in order to cherish these valuable scientists. The preying mats come with a special bag to make it easier to carry.


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