Fashion seems like going around in circles and repeating itself every year.

Every year, we see the trend pieces of the season somehow go back to our childhood or teenage items… We hear our moms saying “Oh, I used to have dress just like this” very often. And, vintage stores living a golden era thanks to this fashion flashbacks. Of course, none of the forms or fabrics is being used as they were; we see their modernized version at the stores. The zeitgeist of the fashion requires a few extensions or some extractions, or how else the industry can show progress?

The latest piece to successfully pass through the time wheel of fashion is corduroy velvet. We have welcomed them again which were in every wardrobe in 90’s. It must be about how the velvet trend of the last year became hit.  No need to lie, we have missed the warm and cozy fabrics after all glitter and leather.

Corduroy carries khaki, brown, rose and maroons best but this season designers didn’t cut the chase and tried more colors on corduroys. Addition to the rich color scale, we see the embroidery and stitchery on them. Don’t you think it’s lovely?

As the fabric itself looks a bit Vintage, you can take the easy way out and combine them with origianl Vintage pieces. Even a tiny item can bring coolness to your combines.

We have seen corduroy pieces at catwalks of 2018 fashion shows and fashion weeks. They were generally used on suits and look lovely.

This seasons’ distinguishing feature is using corduroy on shoes and purses after clothes which is obviously a nice spurt. However if you try to wear to all corduroy you outfit would look very crowded whelming. Instead try to match jacket and shoes or try to combine all of them differently.

How to Wear Corduroy?

Actually corduroy clothes aren’t hard to match, you should initially be careful about the color contrast and tone transitions between the corduroy piece and other pieces of your outfit.

Make sure corduroy clothes are hand washed; pour some detergent into clean water and knot your clothes in it until clean. Be careful about not to squeeze it. You can iron it with your hand and hang it to let dry.

As corduroys are thick fabrics you should wear them for the thin parts of your body.

With love…


Asude Davran


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