Crazy and Fun: 80’s Fashion

Anusha Zubairy  

Some may think 80’s are the era of the collapse of fashion and some claim it was the time when fashion meets freedom…

We are talking about times when the world was going through hard times with exhausted youth and the rebellion thoughts evoked by Madonna which are reek into clothes with flamboyant narrative. Even though we are talking about the unbalanced fashion sense, the rise of youth, craze, vanity and the rebellion thoughts, we should remember the upside down fashion sense concluded from difficult times. People tried to isolate themselves from the chaos of war, terrorism and riots and used such of isolation as a protection. At the other side of the line that was drown to protect youth from the political games, there were young people who verged to a fashion sense in which beauty left out for the sake of exaggeration, the pop music reached to its peak and the style became punk.

So, what was the 80’s really? Was it a genuine expression of the time, or was it a time that drabness was at its best or it just didn’t fit the taste of those who claims that? If you ever peaked at your mom’s old photo album or clothes from 80’s, your initial response is giggle out with saying “mom, is it you?” Whereas, she used to see herself a very nice and trendy dresser at that time. Is it wrong? Of course not, the correct outcome is, young people probably won’t fancy the way we dress today at 2050’s. Isn’t fashion supposed to be fun? The braveness and the spin make what you are. My answer is, well it depends according to the person or time.

Even though 80’s are known with being liked at that time and still hated, it is also known with being muse of the designers lately. And in 2018 it still lives…

So, what was in that splendid era that concurred hearts of the fashion world 30 years later? What are the pieces that reflected today?

Statement T-Shirt

In a time when the ideas and rejection are not verbalized easily, they used be written on the t-shirts. Isn’t the same thing with today, last season lots of brands used statement t-shirts in their lines which were about the violence against women.

Jean Jacket

At the 80’s, not having an airbrushed jean jacket with pins and patches may feel like coming from another planet. Such a jacket was at the top of a “must have” list of the young people. These pieces are on today’s teenagers with oversize models.

Sequin, Washed Jeans, Wadding… 

The inevitable piece of the eventful nights is no doubt sequin, and your mom definitely had one in her old closet. And even they must have one of those splendid clothes which we don’t know why they hid- may be they thought we may wear them one day… Joking aside, if you ever watched a 2018 Haute Couture and Ready-to-Wear fashion show, you know what I mean. The most important thing you’ll see is splendid come-back of sequin. However, this is not the same with 80’s. Because sequin used to be worn only for evening at the 80’s which is preferable for a day time look or street style today. The waddles were a total “I would never ever” piece for most of the people but we can’t overlook the stylish pieces of the season. Who could forget style of the Lady Diana, who is the most stylish lady of the 80’s? And let’s be ready for washed up jeans, not only with trousers, but with dresses, shirts and bags.

Battle of the Colors  

We claim fashion went through a brave era at the 80’s, so the colors were equally brave and shiny. The color craze didn’t limit itself with clothes; make-up and hair trends were shaped with equally splendid and vivid colors.  If you want to experience 80’s nostalgia you can add pieces with cobalt, fuchsia, purple and gold shades to your make-up palette and wardrobe.


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