Black Decoration, Colorful Homes

Betul Boy Zafer

Dear Stylistic Women of Aysha,

We are celebrating spring and we will see colorful teture. But the most precious color hosting riot of colors is black. So, today I will write about black, the elegant and whimsical color.

Every color has an identity, a character, statement, and principle… While deciding between them, please consider this. Which color is fond of others? Which objects and colors should be used with? One should know and identify these before decorating.

Decoration Ideas Using Black

Give Scope for Black

Black is usually identified with formality and mystery.

It is associated with unknown and fear but motivates you to be self-confident because it represents power and authority which is graceful and prestigious.

You can get contrast best with black it absorbs the light and so it reduces the effect of ann element that is divisive on sensation so, it provides one to concentrate. Black balances the exorbitances but it shouldn’t be the only color in decoration but should be balanced with other.

If you want to make a color step forward, you can use black on the background.

It provides a good contrast with shiny colors.

Well and good but where we should avoid using black? On furniture, black is a hard-hitting color but it is not easy to use because it shows up all dust in the house. Just like furniture, on upholstery fabrics are preferred because people think it may stay stain-free but on the contrary, you may even count every little bit of stain cells on it. Of course, fabric type is important but if you will prefer black, use the right corner and be careful about sun lights.

The Black Wall

Gloomy or elegant? That is a fine line between them. It requires courage but if correct decorative combination obtained you get the perfect presentation of the venue.

Using black on decoration

Black in the Bathrooms

I find using black on closets, faucets and shower lines appealing and intrepidly. I think it is a strong statement that some extraordinary ideas can make a good stance.

May a noble black and colorful spring be with you…

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