Well-Deserved Fame in Modest Fashion, Dina Tokio

Instagram brought so many inspirational names to regular people who have no direct connection with fashion whatsoever and Dina Tokio is one of the biggest.  As a style inspiration designer and blogger Tokio is kind of women Muslim young ladies needed as role model. She is a creative and hardworking lady with children and we wanted to know her better.


Dina Torkia, or her internet pseudonym Dina Tokio, is a world citizen from Egyptian mother and English father.

She gathered fame with hijab style videos in 2011.

But she is a free girl who doesn’t limit or constrain herself with only hijab style. She rather thinks hijab brought her real independence comes with her hijab and lives accordingly.

She speaks from Chanel 4, one the state televisions of Island in an unusual way, but she is the phenomenon not what she speaks about. She is a hijabi Muslim lady.

Today she has 1b followers on Instagram and 5 hundred thousand watching rate on Youtube. She doesn’t like to involve her daughter Hanna to her business but she doesn’t abstain to share about her 7 siblings, her husband Sid, her mother, granny and cats.

The most remarkable thing about Dina is, she is not just a blogger, she has an outfit brand named Dina Torkia and bag brand named Doosy Fil. As being intuitive and open-minded she brought new horizon to professional life and writes in “New Mom’s Blog” about being a mother.

Being so well-known doesn’t intimate her such that she isn’t hesitated by attending Miss Muslimah, isn’t intimated by seeming without make-up and makes fun of her husband while sharing private moments.

It is interesting that she has even eluded from negative comments under such posts on Instagram. Probably her sincerity and statements she made protects her but deeply I think being a self-confident Muslim woman is her weapon.

She exposed her unique stance on Cosmopolitan UK statement saying “just as wearing mini skirt is completely normal, so as wearing hijab. And I am perfectly normal woman.”

Basic codes of her style are proficiently interpreted hijabs and accessories. She combines ethnic patterns with modern lines and adapts them to the street fashion. She wears her roots and braches with harmony and never seem weird.

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