Don’t Ever Underestimate the Shoes

“A pair of shoes offer much more than walking on” says legendary French shoe designer Christian Louboutin.

It is hard to choose a pair of shoes while you try to match them with your dress, care the details like its color, your skin tone and the height of the heels. Every lady tries hard to find the correct shoe for herself and perfect match with the dress so that she can reveal the true beauty of the dress. Sometimes choosing wrong shoes have power to make you look like a grandma or someone out of a time machine. What should you consider while picking up a pair of shoes? The first thing you should be considering is your dress, forget about your purse or other accessories. The best shoes should be a bit darker than your shoes and also must be obviously classy and leather made. When you find the perfect shoe which matches with your dress; I mean a qualified one with the right heels, you should pause and think a moment. Ever shoe that match your outfit may not be good with you leg length and feet shape. Here are some tips to figure out how to buy perfect shoe.


  1. Go For a Shoe Which Is A Tone Darker Than Your Dress

                                                                                   Christian Louboutin

In order to avoid a confusion that is because of combining two relative and similar but not matching well colors or tones, you should go for darker tone than your dress –for example a cherry red dress would be nice with a pair of hot red shoes. The tone difference wouldn’t be noticed by most of the people but you’ll be hindered collation of two colors.

  1. Prefer Shoes to Make You Look Leaner

                                                                                           Jimmy Choo

You should pair stilettos with thin and straight pants or pencil skirts that will help you to make your legs leaner. Stiletto makes the illusion of looking leaner and makes your legs thin. If you have short legs avoid ankle tied shoes or T striped heels. The ankle tied shoes are tend to cut your look which makes you look shorter.


  1. Consider Your Leg Length


                                                                                                       Nine West

Then again, considering your leg length, if you have shorter ones avoid heels over 10 cm, they are made for you. Ultra high heels reveal your calf of the leg to make them look shorter and thicker. If your dress is maxi and your legs aren’t revealed, you don’t have to consider this detail. Feel free to take advantage of looking leaner. 



  1. Be Sure Your Shoes aren’t Made of the Same Fabric you’re your Dress

                                                                                     Chiristian Louboutin

In order to avoid looking like “I cut my curtains to make dress or shoes” look you should be careful about not matching the shoes and the dress with each other. Use the same color instead but add satin or velvet to have richer tissue.


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