Feel Spring on Your Arms and Foot


This season will be remembered by remarkable and interesting shoes and purses. It is time to revive your street look with colorful bags and footwear as you forget every traditional habit you have.

Most remarkable fashion blast of the summer seems to be Valentino’s stretch boots, Saint Laurent stilettos designed with reference to its own logo and Stella McCartney’s futuristic layouts. With the bags, dashy fish-scale-inspired Louis Vuitton purse, dynamic candy bag of Givenchy and elegant Versace purses are on our radar. Briefly, this season strong design, glory and colorful patterns will shake the off the streets.


Chanel Gabrielle Bag

There are four basic rules of creating your own stylish look with bags:

You should define lines of your own style strictly. There is no rule to match shoes with bags with identical colors or materials. Now, it is freedom time for purses. It is a good way to sprinkle a little style and dynamism to your looks.

It is crucial to fit bag with time. Not every purse is good for every hour of the day or every outfit.

If you are a minion lady, don’t envy for this year’s fashionable oversize bags. You are not necessarily use bags with handles if you have narrow shoulders. Don’t get carried away with those hand-held open bags that overshadow short ladies style.   Be creative and make a difference with your style.

Fill your bag considering its size. Don’t walk around carrying little bags that don’t close because of all stuff like your phone and make-up materials. Try not to damage form of the bag.


Dolce Gabbana

Let’s Take a Look at Bags to Cherish Street Style This Year

This year, edgy courier shoulder bags, patterned or plane but made of various materials other than leather come into fashion.  It will favorite of everyone to use them with cross holders or in hands. If your fashion bag is patterned, I would recommend you to use with a plane, one-colored dress. You can add a little humor to outfit with combining two opposite colors. Valentino, Marni and Prada worked on successful designs.

Oversize plastic bags… Even the big imprecisely bags look tiring for the eye, palastic ones are in all rage this year. Of course you should match them with sportswear, flat shoes or sneakers. I liked Loewe’s model the most out of summer lines.

With sparkling bags, we will feel like carrying lewdness of spring. On the runways of prominent brands, we have glazed upon with metallic chain handles and colorful materials. I say, take a look at metallic Chanel greys and assertive classical chain bag straps.

Art piece bags… Latest effect area of Modern Art is definitely bags. This season’s hit is sculpture like worked artistic bags. If you are planning to invest on a bag, take look at paint resembled ones.

Design your own bag and get one of the changeable handler bags. You can create a unique bag with a scarf or several chains. Thus, you have a stylish bag that appeals to various looks.

Anya Hindmaarch

Stella McCartney

Bag packs are in our lives for a while. This year almost every brand became distinct with designs. Now on, not only sports-chic but also elegant and sophisticated bags are available and most of them are very useful.

You can create your own bag from scratch. Knitted or collage of different fabrics bags are so 2017 and if you stitch paillette, fringe or arms on them you will have the stylish bag of the season. You can inspired by Lavin’s fringe bags.

Mightiest Shoes of the Season

This season shoes are so arty even you can’t keep your eyes off them. The shoes we will stumble upon not only runways but on stylish ladies are breathtaking. Here are some of them;

My favorite is by landslide Balenciaga stretch boots and booties. They are easily compatible with every place and outfit and no doubt they are chic.

Creative platforms… Dolce Gabbana is very prosperous with almost artistic designed platforms.

Well, those heels!  Gimlet Kenzo, logo adaptation of Saint Laurent and many other will be issue in many conversations. Not just with distinguished designs but various heights of heels are trendy this season, particularly Stella McCartney ballet shoes with kitten heels are dynamic and confortable.


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