You know what they say; the world is your oyster to take. It means many things, along it is waiting for you to experience, dazzle with the beauties creator presented us and become thankful for being alive. Five routes to explore is not an ordinary list to see holiday destinations but rather a list for young Muslim Ladies to unveil secret beauties of those countries. Let’s take a look at the possible stops of a young Muslim voyager…

  1. The Fashion Capital: Italy

Italy can be named as “land of wonders” which refers to an Italian lifestyle combination of history, architecture, art, football, cinema, fashion, love and irresistible food. Italy is ranked as the first with 51 culturally important places in Unesco World Heritage List. From the heart of Catholic Church,   Rome to heart of the fashion Milan, to the prominent sailors of the history, Venice and birthplace of renaissance Florence, every city of Italy is well-known, every monument of Italy has an image in our minds.

  1. The Jumping-off Point of Islam in Europe: Andalusia

Andalusia is the host of the footsteps of early Islamic era in Europe, was a Muslim land for a long time. One of the 17 autonomous regions of the Spain, Andalusia has one of a kind history and architectural monuments regarding to staying under Umayyad region between 8th and 1th centuries and housing not only Muslim but also Jewish, Moorish, Christian and Gypsy people. Muslim impact on architectural landscape can be sensed easily. El-Hamra Palace is the most remarkable example from the era that gives impressive visuality with yards, gardens and pools. The Mezquita Cathedral of Cordoba which is used to be a mosque, is a strong symbol to tell the history of region.

  1. An Enchanting Trip: Morocco

The birth place of Barbary civilization is ready to amaze you with food, culture and streets. Morocco is a alluring the travelers from all around the world, with its geopolitical place and splendid scenic beauty. You can see precious examples of Islamic architecture have a mystical trip to Sahara Desert or enjoy the sea, sand and sun near the ocean. The country became culturally wealthy thanks to its ancient civilization, emperor and dynasty, as well as the colonial times. The II. Hasan Mosque in Casablanca where 105.000 person can pray at the same time, Djemaa El Fna Square where you can experience Marrakesh sprit, The Multi-faith Tangier where is the closest point of Morocco to Europe, the capital Rabat where you can observe the history of Morocco are among must-see places.   

  1. En Route to Al-Quds

Quds is the first kiblah of Muslim where is also praying, committing and jihad place or all Muslims and hosts the Holy Al-Masjid Al Aqsa which is blessed in Quran and said among the three mosques to visit by our prophet Muhammad. Besides, Quds and AL-Aqsa Mosque is where our Prophet Mohammad’s miraculous ascension occurred, and precinct of it is blessed. In addition to its value for Muslims, Jerusalem is a cultural, historical, artistic and aesthetic center for the people from various nations and religion. You should definitely see this unique region which will dazzle you with cul-de-sac streets, countless stairs, historical corners and ancient Roman columns.

  1. A Holiday to Remember in Phuket

If you unwillingly think of sea, sand and sun when it comes to holiday, Phuket is your destination as it is sunny in every season. The popular holiday region of Thailand is most crowded and expensive between October and April. The monsoon rains hit the island from June to October, you can experience sprinkles afternoons around these months. Phuket has went through occupation of Burmese at the end of 18th century and invaded again in 19th century lived the biggest disaster in its history; tsunami in 2004. Healing its wounds swiftly; the city is hosting voyagers since. Despite the high tourist population and heavy visitors the sea of the island remains clear and clean in which a day-long tours to neighbor islands are also demanded. You should experience the ambience and rhythm of the islands and definitely taste famous sea food of Tai cuisine.


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