The Footwear Trends of 2018

Hello again everyone, hope you missed me. I couldn’t resist the common requests for me to write about boots and tried to dig in all kind of boots with fashionable street styles. I’ve added over 100 pictures so that you can examine all of them in details to adopt your own style. So, take a look at the footwear trends of the 2018 winter and enjoy fashionable hijab look.

One of the trendy hit footwear pieces of the season is red ankle booties and knee boots have encountered us in all global brands and street style brands. The Fendi 2017 Winter collection red boot fashion show looks were glorious than ever.

These shoes are array for casual wear, as I mentioned in Capsule Wardrope article, if you don’t have a pair of black boots, this shouldn’t be your first choice. As I think you don’t want to known as ‘the red boot wearing girl every day’. It is an obviously a brave footwear choice, so you have to balance it with using black or blue jeans and desert tone overcoats.

Another hit piece of the season is white boots which I mentioned on Instagram earlier. I think it was one of the best seller boots this year. Because it looks like every white boots of every brand have sold out. They are not as frill as red ones but my favorite is white boots with thick heels. These 60’s Mod subculture reminder white boots surprisingly fit into every combine. But my heart is with using them to enlighten plaid blazers styling.

1-Bershka, 2-Zara, 3-Elle, 4-İpekyol, 5-Zara, 6-Zara

Thanks to Balenciaga the sock boots are in high demand in this season as well. They would be a delicate preference for ladies with tiny thin feet.

These boots help you to have a sophisticated style whether you pair them with skirts or trousers.

1,2,3,4- Zara       5-Bershka, 6-Mango

Heavy shoes or military boots are on demand in winter. Some trends are life savor. You can throw a curve if you use them with a ladylike dress. As we see in Valentino fashion models. Or as Maria Grazia Chiuri’s Dior Winter 2017 collection exhibits, pairing with a frill dress may make you look like a tough girl.

If you are bored with classical look these boots which manipulate the genes of floral and lace dresses will attract you. As you see in Altazurra collection above, this year pearls are added to heavy shoes.

1-Massimo Dutti, 2-Greyder, 3-Bershka, 4-Zara, 5-Zara, 6-Zara, 7-Stradivarius, 8-Bershka

Thick heel boots are ideal for anyone who needs to look leaner and hesitate look more feminine with pointy edge ones. Especially the oversize coats that we wear in winter needs a few heel supports…

1-Zara, 2-Zara, 3-Bershka, 4-Hotiç, 5-Hotiç, 6-Stradivarius, 7-Massimo Dutti, 8-Massimo Dutti

I’ve approached covboy and suede boots together as they lead to similar styling. You can make tons of varios stylings with bot shoes. But if I have to give exampleyou can pair cowboy boots with ethnic patters and jeans, suede ones with caountry style floral dresses with a shearling jacket.

1-Bershka, 2-Zara, 3-Zara, 4- Zara, 5-Zara, 6-Hotiç, 7-Zara, 8-Massmo Dutti


Now let’s come to boot trends that I compiled all. As you can guess, the shimmer chaussures’ are one of the trends of winter. However, if you are not an “it girl” or attending a fashion show, don’t wear one in day light. Resting trends of the season are more utilizable of course. Among them we have various heel types, flat leather boots, square edge ones and loose wellies.

1-İpekyol, 2,3,4,5- Zara

I now some of you hesitate to wear black boots with lighter denim. I hope some of you revaluate their bias after these street styles.

For those who can’t wear culotte pants in summer should try these high legged boots in the ideal season; winter. Quite simply even if we get cold, winter is best time to try layering and create unique hijab styles… Thus while we have long way through summer, feel free to try every one of them.

Then again, I’ve added street styles with various pants like skinny, plane or culotte pairing with different shoes.

Seasonal conditions give ease of use for dress and skirt loving ladies. Just like culotte pants you can wear high boots even with midi skirts.

For cooler or casual look you can add Chelsea and biker boots or military ones to your wardrobe.

I’ve written you can support your looks while pairing floral dresses and suede boots with shearling jackets. If you have hard time to use suede or walk on rain often, go for leather ones. Besides that, you can use these dresses with trench coats, short blazers, coats or oversize sweaters.

And here we are… As always, I missed writing for you. Remember to take ss for your favorite styling and pass it to a friend. See you in next article…



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