Get in Shape in Six Weeks

“Most of us are happy about hot weather ahead us but we can’t help thinking about winter weights while switching to thinner clothes” says Samantha Clayton, Herbalife Global Fitness Training Director and shared ‘ways to welcome summer in your dream body, starting now’.

Most of people feel the pressure of losing weight right away as summer approaches. Unfortunately, strong percentage of them feels hopeless because there is no magical recipe to disappear weight immediately. ‘Rapid weight loss’ whim starts with great hopes but chance to be successful is very low if realistic aims are not targeted. “Everyone should be confident and start to exercise, while taking time to make minor changes in lifestyle” says Clayton sharing a few simple yet useful tips about what you should and shouldn’t do to achieve your goals.

 Start Immediately

Today is always the best day to start a positive approach to your aims about fitness and diet. Naturally you should consult your doctor to be sure about you have no health issues to hinder hard work and then start working out. Because wishing for a slim body will not be enough. For starters slow walking or riding bicycle will give perfect result. For the next day you should be more active and increase the motion day by day.

Proceed Slowly but Gradual

Diving into a hard fitness program may have two conclusions; body aches will be so much to make you quit or serious injuries may occur to cause postponing your diligent plans. Thus, train once a day and add your favorite activities to your workout. A perfect start is to aim completing 30 minutes workout and more importantly regulate every exercise according to your fitness level.

Make Realistic Plans

Your body-fat ratio should be reasonable low if want to slim and have strong sixpack until summer. Despite it would be unrealistic to have a sixpack until June the most important part of getting fit becoming tight will be done by starting to exercise. Set up a realistic and reasonable target will help you to regulate your fitness program. Initially aim to reduce fat ratio of our body one two per cent and gradually raise the ratio. But remember, feeling active and health is way more satisfying than a belly full of muscles. Despite lack of a certain defined threshold for ideal fat loss, healthy think to do is losing one kg once a week and according to American Workout Counsel one per cent fat loss is ideal.

You should resist the tempting charm of losing rapid weight. For that cause let’s take quick glance to three important matters that may be an obstacle on losing weight.

Don’t Do Tough Fitness Program

Promise to lose rapid weight and having tremendous physical change may encourage you to get off your seat to start a radical diet program or rough exercise. This approach is fundamentally makes you to lose weight rapidly and gain more right away. You may lose weight at first but as radical programs are usually not sustainable, you will end up eating more on the seat

Don’t Weigh Yourself Daily

Numbers on the scale are not always trustworthy indication of a training program. Weighing yourself very often ma cause desperation and eventually giving up on your dreams. Try to measure other success factors instead of focusing weight loss. You can understand healing on heart beat rhythm on certain density or increase in your strength and raise on your capacity to weight-lift. You will be motivated when you see the result of your hard work when you measure body fat or span of your belly, hips or arms.

Don’t Exercise without a Plan

Be attentive on having an exercise plan even you don’t get assistance of a professional trainer. Intensity of exercise should increase in order to change your body while you are becoming compatible with increasing workout. Simply, you may obtain a good form if you increase intensity or duration of exercise as your body gets better shape and workout starts to feel easy. This approach has been developed according to basic adaptation principle and keeping a fitness journal may help you to track down progress. You should except that there isn’t a shortcut to lose weight or increase fitness level. Because slow but stable approach is best method to achieve a long term successful result. Still, you will see positive changes in your body only in six weeks. So it is worth to start working out today! Even it not possible to say hello this summer with a sixpack, you may achieve next year. You may purchase next dream dress a size smaller during summer.

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