Our modern life culture depends on special and may be the most important rooms in our homes, our personal SPA centers, where I call “water rooms”; our bathrooms.

From my perspective bathrooms don’t fold into two as “alla turca” or “European style”, rather they should be flamboyant as a big saloon, functional as a kitchen and confortable as a bedroom…

Bathrooms are being used by all family members all day long but they also may feel like a spa center especially after a long stressful day. In order to experience that you can decorate your bathroom from bottom to top or just add a few touches. You can get yourself a treat with most of the natural SPA cares in your bathroom instead of a beauty center.

How Can You Have Bathroom Like That

First of all, a big mirror across the door will make the place bigger, especially if it is the first thing you see when you open the door. A big counter could be useful for your stuff but it narrows the space. Using different material and color on walls and floor will give it a brand new identity and elude it from traditional ones. Try hardwood for floor and wallpaper for the sides. But you must have a good ventilation to have a steam bath and that’s how you get a real SPA treatment.

Feed Your Soul with Fresh Flowers and Music

Now it is time to spoil yourself. You can add favorite flowers after cutting stems. For a nice stema bath let boiling water flow for ten minutes. If possible, close curtains of the tub firmly and let yourself and your skin to relax in the bathtub.

Essential Candles…

Best cure of stress is of course scented candles. You can let yourself relax with a nice bubble bath, soft tunes with candle light. In Far East, it is believed that good luck comes with lit candles in living areas and good for aura of the space. Aromatherapy candles can be used to relax, stress relief, renovation and just for fun. But be careful; if low-quality paraben is used in candles it is deeply harmful for health, they should be produced according to instructions.

There one more thing to be careful about bathroom joy; have a rest.  Yes, your eyes aren’t wrong, you should keep your eyes closed and mind cleans at least for ten minutes to give your energy a boost. You should have a glass of fruit juice or herbal tea right after and you will feel like a completely new person.

Did you know every temperature has different effect on human body? According to water temperature effect could be relaxing or reviving. Between 38-48 temperatures is too hot. That temperature reduces energy and dries sin. Besides it can cause circulation issues and veins that is close to surface may burst.

24-29 degrees are warm, they are ideal for freshness and newness but a bath for 10-15 minutes may cause vaso-dilatation and temperature loses via skin.

24-12 degrees are chilly. It is perfect to revive after a busy day, you shouldn’t be in this temperature longer than 10 minutes.

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