Global Fashion Search Platform “Lyst” has Gathered Ultimate 2017 List

Şeyma Yükseltan Gövdeli

How does the max fashion moments of 2017 defined by the fashion world? With the new years coming, global fashion search platform “Lyst” declared the most searched brands, fashion terms and popular fashion products of the last year. Of course, to gather this information hasn’t been easy,   they had to examine 100 different online lifestyle-fashion articles from 120 countries, analyze over 30 thousand articles, and the statistical results based upon the page displays, sale reports and over 100 million fashion researches to reveal the outline of the fashion world in 2017.

Best-Loved Balenciaga

The Spanish giant brand Balenciaga has became the most loved brand of the year by leaving Gucci behind in the mostly-searched brands list. The third brands of the list happen to be the Off-White from Milan. Let’s take a look at other brands together.

  1. BALENCIAGA                           2. GUCCI                                       3. OFF – WHITE

4.VETEMENTS                          5. GIVENCHY                                  6. VALENTINO

 7. SAINT LAURENT                         8. STONE ISLAND                     9.MONCLER


What we searched online…

According to Lyst’s global search and sale data, the most searched bags of the 2017’s been various colors of Gucci Marmont bags, belts and cross bags.

The denim pieces has claimed their throne in global market as well this year, gingham, velvet, spotted, stripe fabrics and more specific prints and patterns were searched online this year.

The popular fashion trend of 2017, big and frill ear-rings has been the mostly researched and displayed jewelry of the year.

 The Trendiest Fashion Word of The Year Has Been “Power”

The list that Lyst has acquired from examining over 30 thousand article and fashion publication indicates the first word is “power”. The hit word of the 2017, power stands for either the powerful stance of the women in fashion world or the strong and masculine suits of Saint Laurent and Balenciaga, it is hard to get. You have use your imagination at this point.

The second word of the list is “woke”. Some fashion circles commented this word is about woke of the activism thanks to Dior “We should all be feminist” t-shirt; whereas others thought the word “woke” is about environmentalist production polict of brands like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Armani, Gucci, Hugo Boss , Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors and Jimmy Choo.  The fur ban of the big western brands might be comprehended as woke to nature, or there might be a wider perspective for the word. I leave you to commend and share the rest of the list for you.














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