Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a secret island where you can hide from strange eyes and enjoy the endless generosity of the nature, in hidden pools and villas or white beaches.

The new star of the Seychelles Islands, Feregate Island offers the both privacy and beauty. I have written the unforgettable holiday of my life for Aysha readers. I wish you to read with joy and have a chance to visit there someday.

I had intention to visit the Fregate Island for a while where is a protection area of giant tortoises and preserved the natural beauties perfectly. I travelled with THY from Istanbul to directly Mahe, and had a helicopter fly for 15 minutes to the Islands. I had many experiences in exotic islands but can’t compare the natural value of this peculiar island.

Just Nature…

16 villas of the island is one more beautiful than the other. The villas, designed by Tai and Bali architects have 7\24 butler service under thatched roofs. They serve with smiling face for all your needs. The capacity of the island is 40 people at once, so you will not interrupt by anyone while enjoying the beauties of the nature. The eternity pools of the villas, bedrooms, porches, palm trees are directed to the white beaches and ocean. Despite the high end luxury of the villas, the experience is rather plane and austere.

Private Picnic in the Most Beautiful Beach of the World

One of the most beautiful beaches of the world; Anse Victorin is in Fregate Island. You can have an unforgettable picnic with your spouse here. It feels like the whole world is celebrating your love… you find yourself thanking Allah for all these beauties, and the privacy you found.

All the Wonders of the Nature 

The other unique feature of the Island is the pipes. The ravish sound of the island is so beautiful that the love birds’ sound will be on your ears even when you turn back. The endemic plants of the island are impressive as well. There are guided hiking in the nature in the mornings and I strongly recommend you to join those tours. Besides, there is a greenhouse that plants organic vegetables in where you can buy and get information from the salesman of the greenhouse; Mr. Simon.

Named Turtles

This is also turtle paradise! There is a baby turtle protection are and turtle rehabilitation center at the island. There are approximately 4000 turtles at the island and each of them has named and taking cared with patience. You should spend one day to explore those natural beauties; have a breakfast on the tree houses, and then take a hike.

Let’s Go Fishing!

Naturally there is a wide range of seafood in Fregate Islands. Even, guests can take a fishing trip and have a feast on what they get from the sea. You can get help of your butler if you want to have a sushi or enjoy sunset in beautiful restaurants. The Island is in the Indian Ocean and between equator and the tropic of Capricorn. The ocean is calm between October and May.

Emine Artan / VIP Turizm Özel Seyahatler Direktörü


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