Have You Met the Metal Bag Trend

We can define style as a unity from bottom to top. If so, the most important accessory to complete and make it characteristic, bags are your friend, or foe. The fashion is a circular movement and we have seen every kind of bag since the beginning, suiting every form, color or the pattern of the season. We have almost seen everything, but probably haven’t seen how they will be interpreted by the new designers. There are plenty of bag models that has different form or color; straw bag, suede bags, velvet bags, clutch bags, hobo ones, belt or tote ones, backpacks or many more. But there is one trend that comes forward among others: the metal bag trend…


The metal bags are different from others. The novelty of the material aside, when the craftsmanship and design is perfect, the bags turn into a work of art. I have chosen among the many but these are the best examples of metal design bags of all time.

This is the trend of 2018\2019 season: Metal Mosaic Bags

If you are a huge fashion follower I bet you’ve seen these bags at social media more than one. These bags are preferred by famous fashion bloggers often which are utterly hand-made. Naturally we can claim that these are made to measure. Because to reproduce the exactly same mosaic pattern doesn’t look possible…

Even though the prices are high, these are the latest trend that looks like concurring the fashion world as they look very elegant and give you opportunity to have classy austere and meaningful combination. Or if you match them with casual outfit you can throw a curve. The choice is yours; you can carry one in a stylish event or at a café while gossiping with friends.

There are various forms of these bags, as I fancied them at one glance I checked every form, color or pattern possible. I can say these are about to be the timeless piece of the season, so ıf you want to invest in your wardrobe give a chance to metallic mosaic bags which will be perfect for elegant and casual combinations.

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