You must have heard about alkali diets, the latest trend of natural diet lovers. Well, what is this alkali diet and what is high alkali nutrition?

As you know, the PH balance of our body is 7.35. The alkali diet trend sticks up for that: every food we consume alters the PH balance of our body and if we have acidic diet, the balance breaks down. That’s why we should change our diet to alkali one to avoid unnecessary acidic load to our system in which we get healthy and balanced nutritious.

When we say alcali nutrition, first food to come mind;


Lime is one of the most alcali foods even though it is acidic.

Green-Leaved Vegetables

The green leaved vegetables are both rich source of antioxidant and reliefs the digestive system as they have fibers.


Especially Brussels sprout, broccoli, cabbages are the highest alcali valued vegetables and you should add your diet periodically.

Cayenne Pepper

This miraculous vegetable is not just an alcali food but also a strong antioxidant which is perfect cure for stress.


Besides to being well-known antibacterial food and antibiotic, garlic is a good chlorothiazide with high alcali level and empowers immune system.



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