Working ladies live the morning rush with trying to pick up the right clothes and doing make-up in a short time! How about making make-up practice more practical to avoid time waste that can even make you late to work. Read further for faster and more practical make-up tips.

Prepare your Face at Night

Apply skin care products to your face before you go to bed and use a mask once a week. Your skin will get moist and revived with skin care. When you wake up in the morning, you will shine with health so spend less time to illuminate your skin. Besides, who doesn’t want to have a make-up with healthy shining skin?

Practical Curls

If you spend much time for your hair in the morning practical curls are just for you! You can hair balls at night after you washed them and you can have natural curls in the morning.

Eye Pencil Instead of Eyeliner

Doing eyeliner in the morning might be a pain for most of the ladies. If you need more practical and permanent solution, you can use pencils that are as effective as eyeliner.

Instead of using separate palettes for everything, you can use palletes that have them all; blusher, lipstick and eye shadows. So, you can save time from searching things on your morning desk.

Illuminating as the Finishing Touch

If you want vibrant look, try using illuminators instead of concealers. The particuls will reflect the sun light effectively and will make the area shine and glow.


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