Your Home Reflects Your Soul

The communication between space and soul has never been so important. Correct space installation is something we dwell on lately due to dropping negative stimulus on the door.

There is this game I created, estimating a person’s house according to outfit. But I lose most of the time. Because, our homes are fail to reflect our personality. Years pass by with poorly chosen furniture that was bought in a rush during wedding shopping. Why we ignore our homes when we niggle about clothes we wear. We linger around web and magazines about new seasons shopping, do window shopping for days, so that’s what we should do for our homes, do not fit all shopping in one day.

Authorities define spring green as color of 2017. Honestly, I have to confess I couldn’t espouse the Greenery idea before watching Pantone advertorial. But green affect appeared on scene after grey skyscrapers touching grey clouds was an approval of the choice. It feels like a detox effect to our modern life.  This year refreshing, reviving and peaceful homes will welcome you.

Lately the decorations trends have claimed to move all emotions by saluting nature. Crude woods, just hammered metals are like a reaction to smooth surface of technological devices. Or may b we are trying to get motivated by past using unsewed linen cushions, cotton fabrics looks like used or wool carpets. Edison lamps simply hanging over the ceiling is concept of lightening trend of the year.

We discover natural is luxurious. Handy painted, petit point canvas clothes or ceramics signed by artist, are hit this season, you may also choose subsidiary objects, among handy made products that available on social media.

Vintage is Always Hit

family heirlooms might be a good starting point to shape your new home. In time I’ve learnt never say never about decoration or clothes. Young couples might be hesitated by old wooden furniture but you wouldn’t believe how many ways to combine an armchair thanks to personal choices.

Pain, perfect light colored Scandinavian style is abandoned this year in favour of energetic colors. If you have difficult time to adjust this transmission, I suggest circular, wide and deep coaches companied by woolen or jut carpets and flax cushions. If you want to green sprinkles on your living room, try green leafed big flowers.

If you are brave and young enough to say I am all in for Indian and African colorful effect where natural life still rules, my suggestion is using emerald greens, vermeil reds. If you prefer this energy in different part of the house, try kitchen and bathroom. For your bedroom, red brick walls, linen curtains will give refreshing atmosphere.

Keep in Mind
-Definitely make a relief before shopping, or at least make rough sketch wall to wall. So you may imagine how the furniture fits your room, you will avoid crowded space.

-Make sure you take photo of furniture, thus while choosing carpet or curtains you may attain right color.

-This year trend is perfect defect but it hard to maintain. Adding the size of the place and lightening, the equation becomes really hard. The trend is so difficult that you should consult an expert like taking a medicine.


Architect Hilal Karakoç

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