I couldn’t resist the messages from working women saying “write something about us” and here I am typing the longest office style guideline, probably. As I am writing this article after a long gap, I’ll add various street style pics and combination suggestions and tips for the style. Let’s begin if you are ready…

The term “Power Dressing” occurred around 80’s with the decrease of working women. The wide collars, padding, muffler collared blouses, fancy suits were on every Wall Street lady who wish to show themselves in the male dominant working environment. These suits were labeled as the uniform of successful working women.

Lately, this serious and yet fierce look made a comeback and reflected to the runways, that’s why we see a lot of suits in the latest collections. Thanks to that, we can find a lot of pieces to adopt working life.

There are few points to consider while using these pieces though. If you’re working in a big corporate firm you may have received a “dress code”. There are certain limitations in such company and you mustn’t step out of dress code.  Especially in companies in the finance, insurance fields or in the banks you have no choice but wearing skirt-jacket combinations or suits in neutral colors.

If, on the contrary you have a creative job and working in a younger office suits may imply that you are not good for the job. I mean, if you are working in advertising agency, graphic designing studio or such, you should be wearing according to the working environment and let yourself be creative.

If your work place is between these two- like you don’t have to work in an office, such as and scholar, doctor or else- all you have to do is creating an image as a straight-head, strong willing, successful working woman. The key point of this image is masculine jackets.

Ten years before, the options were limited, there were only tight short jackets and tight trouser at the windows. Now the loose and maxi blazers and reefers are lavish. Thus, inventing on the jackets will assist you while you are trying to base a strong woman image.

The ton-sure-ton style always saves time and energy while make you look chic without tiring eyes. The most suitable color technique for the office is ton-sure-ton and you can empower it with adding layer with a trench coat.

Balsamic effect of the desert tones may be cure for to suppress the work stress. If wearing blouse white coat is not mandatory you can wear a hovel jersey in the jackets or trench coats. Use the advantage of prosperous style of crocodile or snakeskin accessories to underline your strong looks. Also, golden accessories won’t harm…

If you don’t have to wear jackets or neat trench-coats as a suit with pants at work, you can pair them with matching colors. For a handy office wardrobe it is crucial for a shirt or jacket to be able to go with multiple pieces. I mean, every piece should be joker, you should be able to have multiple combinations with them. As we go to work at least five days of the week, you can begin with neutral colors as black, white, camel, grey and basic patterns as plaid to avoid looking like wearing the same thing every day.

These masculine based jackets need a belt or strap to add a hint of femininity.

White collars are the lead of every working wardrobe, even you should have various forms. You can tap into the formal look of a white color in a jacket or trench coat.

Palazzo trousers can be used under some conditions: they shouldn’t be loose or cotton and definitely shouldn’t have huge cargo pockets. Especially the ones with iron traces are good for formal look. You should prefer high waist to avoid looking short legged and preferring pointy edged shoes will add some class to your combination. Be careful about choosing wedgies with palazzo pants think it won’t be seen under loose cuffs, they will when you sit at the meeting. They are not for the office but for a beach holiday.

Wearing very high heels will be found exaggerated and you may look like over-trying to look taller. That’s why I suggest you to choose non-platforms. If you are tall or have a job for flats you can go for moccasin. For a more feminine style, you always have ballerina shoes, in which I prefer pointy edges instead of rolled ones.

When it comes to skirts, the office style is always good for them as long as you don’t wear a heel long or fluffy ones. Flare or pencil skirts can fit into an office easily.


If your work place is comfortable enough to wear jeans or sneakers but still there certain rules or restrictions, you should be arranging the dose of the coziness. You can pair sneakers with suits and prefer kitten heels with dark jeans. If you match t-shirts with ironed trousers and loafers you can balance the hovel air of your looks. These kinds of combinations are usually preferred for casual fridays. The aim is both raising your motivation and saving time for Friday night plans.

There are few secret rules to follow if you like to wear colorful with patterns. Instead of tiring patterns, you can go for soft ones like plaid or stripes. If you wear patterned shawl or scarf, people may have hard time to focus on your face while you are talking. So if it is not a sleepless day don’t let your shawl steal your thunder. The color should be the same family of your top. For example; camel looks good with green…




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