How to Prepare Capsule Wardrobe for Summer

I’m here to solve your mid-season garment problems all together. If you are thinking “have I worn sweater last summer? Why I don’t have anything to wear” you can begin to read with me. Because if you were to have a capsule wardrobe you wouldn’t live clothing crises every day.

If you can understand the logic of having a capsule wardrobe, you don’t even have to look at the items I will line below. Thus, let’s begin to solve the mystery of capsule wardrobe and try to explain why it is necessary.   

Capsule wardrobe is the mile stone of your entire wardrobe. There should be basic colors like black, camel, white (and as I add khaki). These pieces should be free and independent from trends, timeless and yet fashionable so that you can match them with each other to have various combinations. (If you look carefully to the photographs you’ll see that the pieces match with each other easily.) If you try to follow the trends, forms and colors of the season without a capsule wardrobe, it will last only two or three seasons. Of course you want to get maximum yield of your budget you should first have a capsule wardrobe so that the trendy piece  you’ll buy can match into your style.

Now, imagine an empty and white wardrobe. The more you read you can hang them into that imaginary place. I’ll begin if you are ready…


White T-shirt

The must-have piece of the summer wardrobe is white t-shirt, it is the first pice we will hang into our imaginary wardrobe. You should have a few of them if you can. Plane, statement or colorfully printed one will give you opportunity to have countless option.

Camel Trench-coat  

Until desert heat hit through towns thin and unlined camel\sandy trench coat will help you while combining various pieces that you added to your wardrobe later. A camel trench coat is definitely most timeless piece you should have.

White Trousers

In summer, key of a fresh style is beige, ecru or white pants which will go with every piece you will wear perfectly.

You can have a strong, vivid but strong effect with desert tones. Deciding the model of the trouser is totally up to your taste and body type. Mom jean, denim culotte, cotton cloutte or flax ones are optional.

White Skirts 


Options for trousers are good for skirts too. The calmest color white and its relative colors will help you to have a flamboyant style despite the common idea. You will have a elegant and breath taking look these summer skirts.

Denim Pants

When we think about streets, denim look comes without trying. The denims will be joker pieces of your wardrobes. These are strong enough to fit with ever piece you make a grab of so I recommend you to have at least two of them.

Denim Jacket

The bff of denim pants are oversize denim jackets which will be useful in hot summer days. You can catch the 90’s spirit with denim on denim motto or have simple street style with printed or striped shirts. The rules of preparing a capsule wardrobe is good for denim jacket as well, you should have a classical one in order to purchase a trendy jacket. I mean, you should have classical denim jeans and jackets before an embroidered one.  Like that, you should have a classical trench coat before having a stripped one.

Camel Pants

If the idea of white pants is too assertive for you, you should know that camel or sand colors fit into summer very well. Just as the white pants you match camel pants with slippers, sneakers or leather sandals as well as flat ones.

White Shirt

We look for white plain shirts both in summer and winter, it is like a talented side kick that every star actor would want to act with. Especially loose and cotton ones underline the relax of the season.

Stripped Shirt

Summer means strips. The strips will help you to have a minimalist and cool style so you will thank me later if you add a few long sleeves to your wardrobe. I told you piece of the capsule wardrobe will fit into each other and let you to have various combinations. You can have different looks if you wear striped one with the items I listed above. For begging go with black and white ones or white-red combinations. You may want to be careful not to have thick strips.

Denim Skirt

For those who don’t want to wear pants denim skirts may be an alternative. However my hands are shaking while writing this item. Because it is hard to find  a denim skirt that doesn’t look out of fashion. I say, be careful until you find a denim skirt which doesn’t make you look like just came from 00’s.

Denim Shirt

If the heat waves are strong enough to melt the asphalt and you can’t wear a denim jacket, a shirt will refresh your wardrobe. If you buy big and oversize ones instead of short and tight ones you may look like wearing a jacket.

Pants in Basic Color (Black, Khaki, Grey and such)

If you are still filling you imaginary wardrobe, we have white, camel and denims on the hang. If you add gauzy black pants besides them you won’t have to buy a new pair of pants for a while. You can add natural and basic colors thereafter.

Long\Short Shirts on Basic Colors (Camel, Khaki, Grey and such)

If you have a few shirts which is long enough to cover you in daily life in basic colors will save you day during summer. Neat and trendless one may be used with buttons on or with a printed shirt in it and use it just like a jacket. Blue-white ones will be as useful as the basic colors.

White Cotton Dress

The feminine pieces of the summer holiday trunks, plane white dresses are best choice for summer days as well. You can match them with mule slippers or leather sandals and you can take other items of your capsule wardrobe, a camel trench coat or denim jacket onto your shoulder in a chill evening.

Thin Long Jacket\ Kimono\Abaya

These thin and long jackets have a chill and cold effect whatever you name them and additionally you can wear them and go. This is many of us look for in summer days. You can use them in hot days when you can’t wear trench coat. I think the longer versions deserve chance just like midi ones.


Most of us want to spend minimum effort for dressing and make-up in summer. Basic colored suits abolish the trouble of making combinations so you look strong in one piece.

Colorful Shirts

How can you spend all summer with only one color? Just as it can pass well, you can have a stronger and variable style if you add a few colors. Grey, black and khaki shirts will be useful. You can add red, yellow or blue ones if you like.

Classical Dresses for Occasions

A classical dress which you can wear in every last minute special occasions will save your life and you’ll thank me as it saves you from last minute panics. If you choose a dress that is ankle length you can wear it in daily events without a doubt.

Black-Nude \ Brown – White Purse

While choosing a purse try to buy a bag without embroidery and stones or have a classical one. These three colors which will go with every outfit will be enough for all year not just summer.

Straw Bags

Some of the bags above were in the winter capsule wardrobe as well. The straw bags will be added to represent summer. If you buy a straw bag those form don’t look like a beach or picnic bag, you can adopt them into your street style easily.

White Sneaker- Brown Leather Sandals- Plane Shoes- Slippers

If you have a white sneaker, you may not need another shoe. For those who take care of their feet may use leather sandals that are useful for many summer combinations. Flat classical one with classic colors are in smart shopping concept. You can add to your wardrobe a nude stiletto or nude-white heel ones for special occasions.


Sun Glasses

Before you go to colorful glasses and thin ones that Hadid sisters wear, you should buy a timeless one which is cult and you never get tired of even sunglasses trends change. After you have a classical one, you can apply latest trends to your style.

Accessories and Watches

I don’t think anyone who follows me does this but if you put huge rocks and beads onto t-shirts, shirts or even dresses should burry them into the past. They should burn the photos with them and scrap the ashes to the sea. And then they should open a clean accessory page.

As I adore chain necklaces in winter onto sweaters I love their summer variations. You can make a team of necklace from different length. It is hard to have a style with characteristic without accessory. So, you can use some aid of accessories.



The heat you are feeling during summer depend the thickness of the shawl that touches your neck. That’s why you should choose one from thin cotton fabric so that you don’t have headaches and backaches in the hell weather. The cotton fabric will look united with the summer dresses as well. For example a silk shawl won’t look with a linen shirt as their fabric won’t match. When it comes to colors, natural tones, desert tones, khaki, stone (grey), orange and blue are what you need the most in winter.

This article has been longer than I anticipated. But I didn’t want to miss anything as the subject is important. Now anyone who needs a capsule wardrobe can prepare a shopping list. As I mentioned in winter, a girl who went shopping without thinking to have a capsule wardrobe will be doomed to be remembered as “the girl with pink trench coat” as she wears is every day. You should ask yourself that “do I have the classical color or form of this piece” and “what can I match this with” when you are at the register.

Şimdilik benden bu kadar. Umarım beğendiğiniz bir yazı olmuştur. Bir başka yazıda tekrar uzun uzun konuşmak üzere…

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