Even though mid-seasons may feel bothersome for many ways, the huge sale in these months is efficient enough as a happiness source by itself. As the hearts are bursting out from our eyes with sale labels, we literally take advantage of the sales. Having a true wardrobe by investing and able to use them in next year is a huge relief. The key point here is, knowing how to manage the sale season without having huge dept spiral and to avoid buying dead pieces for the next season. Read further for the answer…

The Investment Pieces to Find:

Classical Coat

A warm wool coat is essential for every winter which we can protect from cold in a stylish way and able to dress according to our faith. Purchasing a winter coat already would make us ready for the first days of the next winter. While doing so, take advantage of classical lines in order not to stay out of fashion next season. But here are some hints for the next season, the desert tones on oversize coats will be trendy as well. Also masculine, blazer-like coats won’t be out of fashion. The 80’s breeze of the 2018 summer will probably still be effective too, you can consider to add a neon coat to your wardrobe already.

Luxorious Fabrics

Regardless to changing trends a high quality fabric would never go out of fashion. As we are at the doorstep of the fresh spring, it is time to embrace the glorious silk! Silk is a fabric which can underline your feminine look with elegant fitting, plus, it is cut out for the uncertain weather of mid-season. While we catch the huge end season sales it would be wise to invest in cashmere and leather fabrics. I wish they wouldn’t look so stylish! You can have timeless and cool look with a thin leather skirt and single maxi jersey in mid season.

The Bag Game

The trend of 2017 and probably 2018 is mat and plane bags instead of detailed colorful ones. While shopping in sale season you should be very careful about buying classical pieces, a floral bag would be hit only one season, unfortunately it is inevitable to look out of fashion next year. Go for classical designs and texture, if you can buy a leather or roan bag while they are on sale.

Stiletto Dilemma

Stilettos always cause drama and dilemma, but how can we give up the elegant and feminine look ensures? AS a result every woman has at least one stiletto in her wardrobe, evenly we can say they are the basics of your style. All classy events, day time activities, tough office meetings are way easier to handle with a pair of stilettos no doubt.  While everything is on sale, add one classical stiletto to your shopping list, begin with the black.

Tunics with Solid Colors

Mid-seasons are good for many things like wardrobe detox or weight loss. It is also time to have classical tunics on solid colors. Try to seize the dazzling sales of prominent brands and buy a tunic that accompanies to you sub-skin color. Believe me, next year at September you’ll thank yourself while your hand reaches out every time you go out, and also be thankful for not buying that clutch you bought just because it was half prize.


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