Is it Possible to Slim

Is it possible to lose partial weight without medical surgery? How can we slim certain body part and keep our figure? How do we balance physical activity and diet? Most of the men and women are curious about this tricky matter and famous Yoga Instructor, Dietician and Breath Trainer Hulya Cagatay answered these hard questions for you.

Of course it is possible to lose weight on certain body parts without surgical intervention. We aim to lose weight without effort and we may say it is not as easy as it looks or promised.

Initially it is crucial to make implementation in the right place because to remove or reduce the fat cells requires strong clinic infrastructure. Additionally in case of fat tissue, diet and nourishment becomes more important. You may have a thin silhouette who needs to lose weight on certain body parts but the dietary habits and taking correct nourishment will directly change effect of the implementation. Fat cells are similar to a balloon that doesn’t go pop and your diet shouldn’t have ingredients to feed that cells.
Doing sports is of course efficient to control your weight and shrink fat cells, if you support your muscular tonus that part of your body will be thinner. But remember sport is on the third line. Initially you should plan your nourishment habits and later right and effective implementation should be done. The duration of the practice should be planned correctly and done at regular intervals.

How to Slim Belly

Losing partial weight means to reduce fat tissue on the sub-skin and finally cut in on weight. Hips, abdomen, arms, biceps, legs can look thinner but if the fat is between organs and intense on that area, you should walk on daily basis and be strict to your diet program. You should consult to a doctor or dietician about the place of the fat on your stomach, the area of the fat is crucial; is it under the skin or between the organs? Thus you may understand if your body type proper for partial body loses implementations.

Being Fat is not Destiny
Is partial weight loss is appropriate for you? Unless you are pregnant, breastfeeding, had oncological treatment before, have certain chronic illnesses and morbidly obese, the implementation is suitable for you. During the weight losing process personal nourishment planning should be done according to body type and whereabouts of the fat. Some food should be forbidden according to resonance of the body for certain foods. So, a dietary habit will be established to endure lifelong.

Additionally, in order to increase body oxidation regulating breath and lymphatic system, lymph derange and reducing fat cells should be supported and expedited.

As a result, it is possible to lose weight permanently on certain body parts is possible. Being fat or having some areas fatter is not your destiny; believe yourself to initiate the change.

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