Have a Journey through Time in Marrakech 

Mehmet Kirali @civilking

You will feel lost in a thousand and one nights while wondering around magical Marrakech venues.


Marrakech will make you feel like a time traveler in Old City region which was the capital once upon a time and now listed in Unesco World Heritage. Chaos and disorder had captured the city but beyond that turmoil you feel the different meanings of color and harmony in an exotic way.  This chaos is not definitely disturbing, more like the unique dance of the city. Marrakech means ‘the red city’ in barbary language, as remunerating its name with architecture and texture; every hue of the red will amaze you.
Marrakech replaced middle part of Fas very close to Atlas Mountains. The mountains under snow cause a magical view for the city from autumn to summer.
Medina region fairly the tourism and trade center of the country. When you enter the city from old trumps to Madina, thousands of shops and sellers welcome you that all sort of products can be found. Fabrics, carpets and rugs, arts and crafts, jewelry and stone works are distinctively breathtaking. I strongly suggest you to look up to discover hidden cafes and restaurants, wonderful venues behind tiny doors and remarkable eastern gardens.
I couldn’t help the feeling to encounter Indiana Jones with whip in a corner while walking around Jemaa El-Fnaa square. No city can compete with Judgment Square even I have seen thousand of cities until today. All sort of hawkers, dancers, drag queens, charmers, street tattoo and henna artists, fire breathers, acrobats, monkeys…
Before I forget I should warn you; if you mistakenly look or pay attention to the monkeys, they carers may slip them or put them on your shoulder right away. Be careful while wondering around the streets about vendors because they might get disturbingly insistent.

Jardin Majorelle

Jardin Majorelle also known as house of Yves Saint Laurent that makes you stepped into heaven with thousand of palms, cactuses, flowers, fountains and pools. The place used as atelier and botanic collection garden from 1920’s to 1947’s by Jacques Majorelle. The place went public in 1947 and after death of French artist in 1962; Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge discovered the place and purchase in 1980. The venue extant today as a remarkable garden complex with pools including a museum, an art gallery, a boutique named Majorelle and cafe named Bousafsaf.

Kutubiye Mosque

Kutubiye Mosque is one of the symbolic buildings of Marrakesh, places entrance of Jamaa El-Fnaa square. It was built in 1199 and with 77 betres minaret it almost can be seen from any point of old town.

Bahia Palace

The picturesque Moroccan palace which commissioned by grand vizier of king in 19th century is full of extinctive examples of mosaic, stone, glass and wooden engraving. The palace named after one of the wives of vizier, in which court bases with lemon and citrus trees will carry you away, don’t be surprised.


Madrasah is actually from 14th century, but in 16th century it was aggrandized by Saadi Dynasty in 16th century and reached present day. We can see the most detailed and specific examples of Moroccan art in the construction. On the walls there are spectacular pieces of traditional gatch tessellations. The walls begin withs wooden cedar-wood engravings on top and continue with gatchs and at the bottom there are colorful and patterned mosaics named ‘zellige’.

La Mamounia

I would recommend Hotel La Mamounia which is absolutely impeccable. As for restaurants and diners, I would recommend Naranj, Le Jardin, La Famille and Dar Yacout.

                                                                        La Famille 

*I would like to thank Pronto Tour for this beautiful Marrakech trip.


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