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We all use a nice shawl to complete our looks to retouch our style, which can carry away your outlook from a total other direction. How do we choose the right hijab for our style and skin? Should we consider the colors of our clothes or go for the trend colors of the season? Sometimes an outfit looks perfect in our mind but a wrong hijab choice makes us look anxious or un-cool all day. At this point you should try to maintain balance and find the right hue. That should be done among skin tone and colors of outfit.

You Should Know Your Sub-Skin Tone

In order to decide the correct hijab you should be aware of your skin tone. If you don’t know it yet, don’t worry, check the “Do You Know Sub-Tone of Your Skin” article and learn about the tests. You can test your skin in the mirror with fabrics to figure out what color do you look better and shiny.

Choosing the Right Tone

People who have warm skin tone can easily look elegant and stylish if they revolve beige and sand tones to have the best look of themselves. The lighter side of beige tones is it is a balancer for gold. Anyone who has cold skin tones should hover around the light pinks to crown their wardrobe. We recommend you to choose one shawl that you figure out it has harmony with you and your clothes to make it the key piece of your wardrobe. You can repose on to that hijab when you have a rush. Because your eyes will be sparkle and you skin will look shinier with that one hijab. People who have neutral skin tone gets ahead of the game as they don’t have any problems with tones. You only should remember whichever you choose for your looks, the most important part is your countenance. A right hijab with the right color tone would whip your looks into shape.

You can have perfect modest outfits with % 100 silk hijabs to have casual and night classiness.


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