The key pieces are beyond any doubt are inevitable for every wardrobe. Of course our enthusiasm when we see them in a store or at a website doesn’t last too long when we are in a rush and have to dress up very quickly. If we don’t pick up the right pieces, the haste ends up in frustration. On the contrary, one piece may end up giving piece from day to night to crown your style. The main feature of the key pieces lies here, when subsidiary pieces changes, they yield with every line, from classical to sportive and become your best friend in mid-seasons when it is hard to find the right outfit.


The Outfit for Every Season: Trench-Coats

Here, at the top of the list we have trench-coats naturally. The brand designers are re-shaping them day by day with their limitless imagination to not to make them remembered by militarist story. The precious legacy of this militarist story for modest ladies is of course long skirt length. These trench-coat models that you can wear with skirts or trousers as you like, salutes us with feather boa details this season.


Timeless Classiness; Shawls

The main component of hijabi ladies’ outfit, shawls go in for the key pieces list as they offer classy look no regarding to time and place. The main think you should be careful about shawls is using the right for your skin tone. If you prefer mid-colors despite the color scale of your clothes your style would be melodiously.


Dark Trousers

Even though dark trousers would empower your style temper to its cotton ratio, the dark colored trousers rank in the key list as they become savor piece in urgent occasions.


Sunglasses for Winter; Sunglasses for Summer

As sunglasses living a golden era and we are free to use them every season, take advantage of it. They are used a shield against strong summer sun and winter sun doesn’t fall short of it. Use them to complete your looks in winter too. Besides the hidden rule of not using them indoors have vanished, if you can be careful about transparency you can look chic in a mall or an event easily.


Always; Black Tunic

At least, we have the key piece of every modest lady; black tunic. They sometimes welcome the cold days under a cardigan when we have layering style or they accompany our day in those hot days when we yearn for a cold breeze and make us embrace the motto: a tunic is more than enough. Long story short; regardless to the location of sun, we reach to a black tunic every once in a week.

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