Our best friends and inseparable residence of our homes are animals, and now researches prove they take a huge part of children communication skills. Experts claiming animals passionate and love for human beings are unconditional and stress out that are vital for healthy cognitive and psychological development of children.

Being in touch with another living being is important for children development. Because living with an animal reduces stress level and allergic reactions or such… Psychologist Ayben Ertem says children with an animal experiences less anxiety. Moreover, according to researches the benefit is not only psychological, children owning a pet show more advanced physical skills and risk to have asthma attack reduces considerable rates.


Animals Teach How to Empathy

Kids tend to talk with their pet when they are distressed and unhappy because of a sibling fight or school problems says Ertem and adds “ıf a kid owns an animal learns how to empathize with a living being. They are quick learns, they easily grasp the clues to understand if the pet is hungry, angry or frightened. They aid to build empathy skills. Besides, a pet reduces sibling rivalry and worrying thoughts. Children over 3 spend more time with their pets than they spend with their siblings without getting bored. That means a kid with any kind of pet spends quality time with it approximately 10 minutes but only 2 and half with siblings”. As a result she says: “being with a pet is a relaxing activity for children”.




Having a Pet Ensure More Socialized Pupil 

According to the researches kids with a pet are more socialized and easy to communicate with. Kids with pet have mutual subject to talk about and this common interest strengths their friendship. When they get upset or angry over something they comfort with their pet and share their feeling with them, they even tell their secrets. We already know having a pet reduces blood pressure and speeds healing process up. Post-traumatic stress disorder, behavioral problems, autism spectrum disorder are some diseases pets have positive effect on.


Helps to Reduce Allergic Reaction

Ertem points out a research in Georgia Med School; “kids have a et more than one have less allergic reaction comparing to those have none. Domestic allergies particularly diminish. The phenomenon behind this situation is the alteration on kids immune system thank to cat and dog salvia. Risk to have asthma noticeably reduces with the kids if they have a pet in early childhood.


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