We can’t resist trying the trendy colors of the season every year. And, those experiences mostly end up with frustration. If we don’t have the looks we wanted with those colors, the reason is our lack of knowledge about colors and skin tones.

The most important think here is to know the sub-tone of your skin. But of course let’s enhance our liberal education and try to comprehend the essence of the colors.

What do Colors Tell?

As we all know there are 3 main colors: yellow, blue and red. Every color we see apart from these, are mix of these main colors. And you also should know the color fold into two: warm and cold colors, this segregation bases on the main colors actually.

Hot colors are yellow and red and the cold tone is blue.

When we see these colors we might get confused, as the most of them are mix of main colors, like red and blue or blue or yellow. In which group these colors would be in on?

The most obvious feature of the cold colors is turning any colors to cold. Long story short, if you add even slight cold color to any warm one, that tone turns into a cold one. Let’s jump into the main subject: What is sub-skin tone? How can you define it? What are harmonically colors with your skin?

How to Distinguish Sub-Skin Tones?

There 3 different sub-skin tones, that means yours is one of them: warm, cold and neutral.

Warm Beauty

The color pigments of our skin define what kind of skin tone we have. If you have pale but gold reflexive skin tone, that means you have a warm skin color. But the main false fact about skin tones is the brunette skin is perceived warm when white skin is cold sub-tone. But the opposite rules work here, your skin color might be contrary with your sub-skin’s. Unquestioningly the colors to go with your skin are warm caramel, cream, red brown, sun yellow and corals. Try bronze and honey foundations but also almond, orange and peach blushers will enlighten your skin. Try to avoid pink tones as they will suffocate your natural energy.

Ice-Cold Princess Skin   

Blue and pink color pigments of the skin determine the cold sub-skin tone. People who have cold skin tones generally have blue or grey eyes with pale skin. They better use cold blues, pink and turquoise tones with clothes, make-up and hair color.

The Neutral Skin

It is the one the rarest skin tones. IF you have neutral skin tone, you can consider yourself lucky. You can use every existing color without hesitation. All warm and cold colors suit you but you should be careful about avoiding creating color turmoil and using only 3 colors that has harmony with each other.

We have learnt about colors but how can we know our skin color?

There are various ways to know your sub-skin color. However, the easiest way is looking color of your veins… If the significant vein on your ankles is green you have warm sub-skin, if it is blue, you have cold and it is mixed, your sub-skin tone is neutral. The other way to find out is trying gold and silver jewelry and look which one looks good on you.

Keep in mind in order to look good in every color you should use the correct tone for your skin. For example, if you have cold skin tone and want to use red, you should use a colder red.

We wish you to have happiness, health and piece rainbow in your life…

Anusha Zubairy


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