Environmentalists and animal right activists have been campaigning and protesting for years which concluded giant fashion brands to quit using fur in the designs.

After world-wide repercussions of protests, famous brands like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Armani and Gucci declared they are not going to use fur until now, and begin environmental friendly production process. Now, we heard fashion giant Micheal Kors and existing in the structure of it, Jimmy Choo is going to stop using fur.

Being always targeted by animal right activists, Micheal Kors clarified they are going to abolish the use of fur until December 2018 and they will use artificial leather with high-quality material. The CEO of Micheal Kors which included Jimmy Choo under the roof of the brand late months, John D. Idol, verbalized the brand will have aesthetic creation possibility without animal-based fur and this step is beginning of an era for the brand.

This fur-less era of the famous brands have taken with pleasure by the animal right activists, we are eagerly wait for other brands to join the tribe.

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